Tracks that are missing in F1 2020 and should be in F1 2021

Tracks that are missing in F1 2020 and should be in F1 2021

There are dozens of tracks that deserve a spot in F1 2021. Here are the ones we are most desperate to race at in the new title.

Photo Credit: Champion Joe/Assetto Corsa

Think back to the good old days of Formula 1. Epic battles in Turkey, awesome action in Hockenheim, and crazy conditions in Sepang. Many tracks of the past have shaped the F1 we know and love today. Among those, many tracks deserve a heroic return. Check out our video of the circuits we would love to see included in F1 2021. Which tracks we mean and why? That is answered in our video below.

Proven greatness

Over the years, players shared many special moments on tracks like Hockenheim. The history of these tracks is undeniable and unique. Fans of the past would feel a deep connection to the circuits if they had the chance to play them again. When Sepang last featured back in F1 2016, graphics and gameplay weren’t on the same level as they are today. The improved conditions could offer an entirely new experience for fans of the past games.

Even though we have only mentioned some of the tracks, there are many more. Maybe you know some?

A new opportunity

A racer can dream. Many circuits all around the world will never see the light of day on the real F1 calendar. But thanks to the power of videogames, there is the chance to see F1 cars on tracks like Laguna Seca.

The American track is a classic example of an underused gem. It includes one of the most notorious corners worldwide. The so-called Corkscrew is a highly complex corner that has been the undoing of many a pro racer over the years. While challenging to take for Formula cars, it’s not impossible – American Indy Car series proved it. If players had the opportunity to drive their favourite F1 cars on Laguna Seca, it would surely be a treat and a breath of fresh air.

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