The 5 best Playgrounds in DIRT 5

The 5 best Playgrounds in DIRT 5

What’s better than a fun racing game? An endless amount of creative tracks on top of the main content.

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The offroad racer DIRT 5 by Codemasters was released just earlier this month, offering the classic dirty rallycross action as well as a Playgrounds feature. Players can put on the construction helmet themselves and create their own tracks which are then available for other fans to race.

Despite the short time since release, several creative heads have already built some interesting and diverse circuits. Here at OverTake, we have collected some of the most challenging and exciting creations to show you the possibilities of the Playgrounds feature.

An endless variety of tracks

Crazy Rainbow Road racing, challenging obstacle courses, a paradise for Donuts or a testing ground to hone your handbraking skills: fans have already constructed a wide range of DIRT 5 Playgrounds. While some tracks are designed to be as challenging as possible, others are the perfect testing ground to practice certain driving mechanics. And of course, you can also simply have fun cruising and jumping through the levels. So, let’s dive straight into the endless possibilities of Playgrounds.

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