8 Steam Summer Sale Racing Deals Under €25

8 Steam Summer Sale Racing Deals Under €25

If you want a new racing game but you don’t want to spend any more than €25 (£20), then now is your moment! The Steam Summer Sale has brought these 8 racing games to affordable prices!

Photo credit: 505 Games

It’s that time of year again. The Steam Summer Sale has rolled around once more, and with it comes a load of great deals on racing games! We’ve taken a look through the store pages and found some of the best deals on games which are currently available at an affordable rate. So, without any further ado, here are the eight best deals for racing games under €25 (£20) in the Steam sale.

8. Need for Speed Collection

First item on the list and it’s a major steal. Technically, the Need for Speed collection is actually a bundle featuring two games. These are Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered, and Need for Speed Heat. Under normal circumstances, this bundle would cost a whopping €100 (£85). However, the sale has slashed that price by 78 percent, down to €22.26 (£18.81)! For two games from a legendary franchise such as Need for Speed, including Heat which is a highly-rated and recent release, we’d say that’s a pretty great bargain.

High-power monsters and city streets are always a good mix! Photo credit: Electronic Arts

7. KartKraft

This game is an early access Kart sim racing game by Motorsport Games, making it rather more of a niche option than any of the others on this list. That being said, the all-time reviews for this game from Steam users are pretty positive, and at a sale price of €6.11 (£5.43) it’s not going to wear a massive hole in your wallet. Usually, this game would only set you back €17.99 (£15.99), but that’s still a sizeable 66 percent off! The fact that KartKraft is in early access might mean it’s imperfect for now, but consistent updates can be expected to regularly improve the karting experience.

Things may look a little different on board a kart from what you’re used to. Photo credit: Motorsport Games

6. NASCAR Heat 5

NASCAR Heat 5 is another game published by Motorsport Games, but this one is developed by 704Games. All the drivers, cars and teams from real-life NASCAR series’ are present in game for players to compete as or with, and the game can be yours for €8.39 (£7.74). That is a reduction of 50 percent from the regular price of €16.79 (£15.49). If you feel like trying out NASCAR Heat 5’s predecessor games, the NASCAR Heat Franchise bundle is also on sale. This bundle will net you all five of the NASCAR Heat games for €16.51 (£15.32) – that’s 73 percent off!

If oval racing is your cup of tea, then try NASCAR Heat 5Photo credit: Motorsport Games

5. DIRT 5

Codemasters’ latest rally title, DIRT 5, hasn’t had the greatest of receptions since its release onto Steam in November 2020. However, for a lower price it might well be considered a worthwhile pickup. Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, a lower price is exactly what it has! At 60 percent off, DIRT 5 is currently available for €21.99 (£17.99). While this is still one of the more expensive options on this list, it has come down a long way from the starting price of €54.99 (£44.99). If you’re looking to powerslide your way around some off-road courses, then an on-sale DIRT 5 might be worth a look.

DIRT 5’s Playgrounds mode lets you test your creativity. Photo credit: Codemasters

4. The Crew 2

Ivory Tower’s The Crew 2 is the only game on this list that lets you do more than just racing cars or karts. Over a scaled-down version of the entire USA, you can race boats, planes and bikes, as well as cars of course! What’s more, this deal is perhaps the biggest deal of all. The price of the game has been sliced down by 80 percent, bringing it from €49.99 (£41.99) to just €9.99 (£8.39)! If you’re still not sure, there is a free demo which you can download and play on Steam, so you can test the waters before taking the plunge.

The Crew 2 offers a wide array of vehicle choices. Photo credit: Ubisoft

3. Assetto Corsa Competitzione

Assetto Corsa Competizione, by Kunos Simulazioni, is often regarded as a shining example of a great sim racing game. Since its release back in 2019, the GT racing sim has received glowing reviews from fans and critics alike. If you were being held back from buying the game by price tag of €39.99 (£34.99), then now is your chance to dive into it. On sale, Assetto Corsa Competizione is currently priced at €15.99 (£13.99), a 60 percent reduction in overall price. If that’s still too much, the previous game, simply called Assetto Corsa, can be bought for a miniscule €3.99 (£3.09)!

Assetto Corsa Competizione features some pretty mean machines! Photo credit: 505 Games

2. F1 2020

Another Codemasters title, F1 2020, brings the world’s most popular motorsport to you so that you can race with or against legends like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The new flagship game mode, My Team, allows players to even create their own F1 team to compete in the championship with. Admittedly, this sale will be a little less appealing to some, as the next game in the series, F1 2021, will be coming out quite soon. However, for those who never got into F1 2020, it could now be yours for only €13.74 (£11.24). This price is a whopping 75 percent drop from the retail price of €54.99 (£44.99), and is quite the bargain!

F1 2020
F1 2020 lets you race in any current Formula 1 car. Photo credit: Codemasters

1. Project Cars 2 (and 3)

Finally, we have the Project Cars games from Slightly Mad Studios. Both Project Cars 2 and 3 are currently on sale, but we’re recommending Project Cars 2 over the newer game. This is mainly because it is generally agreed upon to be better experience, with Project Cars 3 performing poorly on the review front. Also, 2 is simply cheaper than 3 at the moment, with their sale prices being €8.99 (£6.74) and €17.99 (£14.99) respectively. Both games are almost certainly worth it at these prices, but with Project Cars 2 being so highly rated and at an enormous 85 percent off, it does seem like the better choice!

You can drive in all kinds of terrain in Project Cars 2Photo credit: BANDAI NAMCO Enetertainment

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