The best Christmas gifts for racing game fans

The best Christmas gifts for racing game fans

Still looking for the perfect Christmas present for your friend? OverTake has seven neat ideas just for you!

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Hohoho, it’s that time of the year again! It’s getting colder, the smell of cookies and tea fills the air and it’s becoming harder to avoid hearing Mariah Carey singing “All I want for Christmas is…”. Well, what do sim racers actually want for Christmas? In case you’re still looking for the perfect present, we gathered a few neat Christmas gift ideas for passionate sim racers.

Racing gloves

Gloves are good thing to have in winter time. But a sim racer actually needs them all year round! Although racing wheels are often covered in luxurious alcantra, they can be quite abrasive after hour-long stints. But racing gloves not only protect your hands during long sessions, they also look cool as hell and make your sim racing experience feel even more realistic.

Racing Gloves
Gloves like these from OMP can be bought in a lot of colours and styles. Photo credit: OMP.

Racing Apparel

Speaking of gifts that look cool, you can also choose to go for some nice racing apparel. Who doesn’t love to wear the colours of their favourite racing team? And at the same time, team shirts are often made of breathable fabrics. That makes them not only stylish, but also very suitable to wear during races.

Official Merch
Feel like a real racing pro with official merch of your favorite racing team. Photo credit: Aston Martin / F1 Store.

A self-made livery

Some people love hand-made presents. So, for all the creative minds out there: why not design a custom livery for your friend?
Whether your friend likes to play arcade racers like Forza or in-depth simulations such as iRacing, many racing games have a livery editor where you can get creative. Plus, it’s the cheapest gift on the list!

Livery Luca
Our editor Luca made an OverTake livery! Be like Luca. Photo credit: Luca/OverTake.

Racing Wheel Stickers

Wait, do I need to press the button on the left or the one on the right to activate the DRS? And where is the damned pit limiter again? There is so much to do during the race that things can become a bit confusing sometimes. But there is a solution to clarify the situation for you – wheel button stickers!

Never get confused again with sticker sets for your wheel. Photo credit: etsy/SomeDecals.

With these tiny friends, you always know which function of your car has been binded to which button. You can get a lot of different sticker designs on platforms like Etsy.

A go-kart experience

What do you gift someone who sits in their rig all day? A race session on the real tarmac! Every world champion started out on a kart track. Whether you just go for some time trials or even a big race with a lot of friends, a day at the kart track is always a load of fun. It’s also a great opportunity to test whether your friends virtual skills transition to the real world.

A coaching session

Whether your friend is a beginner or a sim racing pro: What unites all racers is the desire to get better and better. Today, there are a lot of professionals offering their experience to help you improve as a driver.

These programs might be a bit more costly, but they definitely are worth every penny. Take our series Hero’s Journey as an example. With the help of sim racing legend , Counter-Strike caster and esports racing beginner James Bardolph made giant leaps in just a few training sessions. Check it out!

Stay hydrated with a water bottle

Yes Kimi, you will have the drink! Well, at least if your friend bought it for you. Sim races are exhausting and the longer they go, the more important it is to stay hydrated.

Water Bottles
Yes, you will have the drink with these bottles from 24MX. Photo credit: 24MX.

If you’re caring about your sim racer friend, consider buying him one of those nice water bottles the real racers also use on the grid. They can be bought in various team designs, so they are not only helpful but also quite stylish!

What is your favorite Christmas gift for sim racers? Tweet us your opinion @overtake_gg or leave a comment down below!

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