The Best Racing Games for Switch

The Best Racing Games for Switch

Are you looking for a racing game to play on the Nintendo Switch? No problem, we’ve compiled a few racers worth trying out in our video!

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Most people think of Mario Kart if they hear about racing on Nintendo’s Switch. But that doesn’t do justice to the large selection of racers available for the popular platform. In our video, we show you the best games for the hybrid console – no matter whether you are into arcade games or prefer more realistic titles.

From Gear.Club to MotoGP

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 offers loads and loads of content, which provides a long-lasting and fun experience. It includes a story, more than 50 licensed cars and many customisation options. Regarding gameplay and graphics, Gear.Club Unlimited 2 manages to clearly surpass its predecessor. The game is mainly tailored for casual players, but also provides modes to get a more difficult and more realistic challenge.

Speaking of realism: the new MotoGP 21 is perhaps the most realistic part of Milestone’s motorcycle series. The official racing sim for the MotoGP world championship comes with all the licenses, tracks, and drivers known from the real motorsport. With around 120 drivers and more than 20 playable tracks, the game has a lot to offer. You can dive into the career mode and enjoy the game in single player, or you can race against other MotoGP players online. For motorcycle fans who mainly play on Nintendo Switch, MotoGP 21 is a must-have.

Four more hot tips for you!

The two games mentioned are merely the tip of the iceberg! In our video, we present four other hot racing games that work fabulously on your Switch. The big advantage of the Switch in comparison to its contenders PlayStation and Xbox is its mobility, so make sure to jump right into our video and check out which racing games to play when you are on the road (but don’t play while driving, please!).

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