The best tracks to practice in F1 2020

The best tracks to practice in F1 2020

If you are a beginner or casual player that wants to go fast in F1 2020, we have five perfect tracks for you.

Photo credit: Codemasters (F1 2020)

Some circuits in F1 2020 can be a real pain for inexperienced drivers. In Monaco, Azerbaijan and Vietnam for example, you have to master some very tricky parts in order to drive a perfect lap. But there are some tracks that are perfect for beginners to get some impressive times on the board. Here come the five easiest tracks in the game.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Italy)

The Grand Prix of Italy is an enjoyable race for Formula 1 drivers, since they can reach high speeds and have plenty of opportunities to overtake. The Monza circuit mostly consists of straight parts and fast turns that make it easy to accelerate most of the time without great risk.

However, there are a few things to watch out for if you want to drive a perfect lap. The hardest parts about Monza are the two chicanes the player has to go through in the first half of each lap (turns one and three). At the end of the long straight at the beginning, you have to brake at least 100 meters before entering the first chicane in order to complete it.

The second one is quite similar, and you can use the curb to get through it. For both chicanes you might need a bit of practice before you can pass through without losing time. The other turns on the track are quite simple compared to these two.

Red Bull Ring (Austria)

The Red Bull Ring is the track used for the Grand Prix of Austria and the Styrian Grand Prix. It is a short circuit with a high average speed since there are only two turns that force you to brake early, namely turns three and four.

The first and third turn could be a bit tricky as they are uphill. You will have to brake a bit later than usual to get around them. If you approach turn three correctly, it is a really good spot for overtaking. The Red Bull Ring might seem hard at first glance, but you can get through most of it at high speed once you are familiar with the circuit.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (Spain)

The Formula 1 track in Barcelona is not a simple one, but it is a really good way to practice different kinds of turns without having to go through extremely difficult parts. That is also the reason why the teams decided to test their cars on this circuit before the start of the 2020 season. By mastering Barcelona, you can prepare yourself well for any other track.

Turn five is where it gets tricky for the first time, since you should not brake too hard. You might need multiple tries before you get a feeling for this corner. After that, the turns seven, eight and nine can be taken without slowing down too much. The next hard braking point comes before turn ten, which is a tight one.

Close to the end of each lap, there is also a chicane that will force you to brake. Turning on the visual racing line can help you to practice it, as a good exit is essential to reach the final straight at the highest possible speed.

Sochi Autodrom (Russia)

By just looking at the layout of the Russian Formula 1 track, many players probably would not think that this is an easy circuit. But the good thing about Sochi Autodrom is that you have long straights and very simple turns. Once you know how to approach them, there is not much that can go wrong.

At the end of each straight you need to brake relatively early and get a good entry into the upcoming turn. Most of the turns are easy to take if you stick to the advice from the video above: “Turn in from the outside, hit the apex on the inside, exit on the outside.” It does not take much more to be successful on the Russian track, although it obviously becomes harder when other cars are nearby.

Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez (Mexico)

The Grand Prix of Mexico was planned to take place in 2020 as well, but it was removed from the schedule after the delay of the season start caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, F1 2020 allows players to race on this track. It is a very fast circuit which involves full throttle for a long time each lap.

The four high-speed straights can also cause issues, since you have to brake early enough to slow the car down for the corners. Right after turn one there is a chicane and you will have to use the curbs carry speed through the corners.

In sector two, turns seven to eleven are very quick and you should not steer too much in order to keep your car on the track. Bear in mind that you do not need to brake there before arriving at turn twelve. The high speed can make it difficult to adapt quickly enough and get a perfect entry into every turn, but it is something that can be practiced quite easily.

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