Here Are Some of the Coolest Gran Turismo Originals

Here Are Some of the Coolest Gran Turismo Originals

The Gran Turismo series has seen some incredible cars exclusive to the series, so we compiled a list featuring some of the most incredible cars from all the games.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

With the Gran Turismo series’ newest release less than six months away, we took a deeper look into what cars have come from the Gran Turismo world.

The first game from the series launched in 1997 and the series has subsequently become a powerhouse in the gaming world. It has been so successful that we’ve seen the game spawn some racing talent. Whether that be through GT Academy which took players of the game to the actual racetrack, or the FIA Gran Turismo championships that see players compete on the games themselves. The latter even resulted in the game being used earlier this year in the Olympic Virtual Series.

But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the Gran Turismo games is that it has served as a testbed for car designers to flex their creativity, knocking down some of the barriers that reality puts between the designers and their true visions. Through these collaborative efforts, Gran Turismo has seen the creation of some fictional cars, and some of them have even gone on to be developed in real life!

In anticipation of the 4 March 2022 release of Gran Turismo 7, we here at OverTake decided to compile a list featuring some of the best cars that exist solely in the Gran Turismo games or even went on to be developed in real life.

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