The craziest racing games | Part two

The craziest racing games | Part two

Part two of the craziest racing games: driving on the ceiling or straight over the breakfast table.

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In our article “The 8 craziest racing games” we took a deep dive into the realm of wondrous racing games and odd driving instructions, reaching back to classics from the 1990s. This week, we want to present some of the most recent creative and special games which are far off from your serious simulations, but offer just as much entertainment.

Lonely Mountains Downhill

Publisher: Thunderful Group
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam (PC), Nintendo Switch

Imagine the classic action you get from the puzzling motocross series Tials. Now make it less chaotic and hardcore but more peaceful and tranquil, and you get Lonely Mountains Downhill. The game whose first edition was released in October 2019 follows a similar concept: The character starts at a specific point with their bicycle, in this case on the top of a mountain. Then they have to drive downhill along a predefined path, do stunts, jump over cliffs and make sure to closely follow the trail.

Of course, the path downhill is no bed of roses and there are tricky stunts and obstacles waiting everywhere to throw you off your bike. But despite the classic trial and error experience, the game does not feel as frustrating as other titles in this genre due to the calming audio and light-hearted art style. You also get an exploration run when starting a new level where you can simply race downhill without having to complete any challenges.

Destruction AllStars

Publisher: Sony
Platforms: PlayStation 5

Destruction AllStars is not playable yet, but a potential gem for racing fans to look forward to. The game got teased at the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June this year and does not only promise extremely polished and vivid graphics, but also entertaining racing action.

There is not too much information so far, but the new title is going to be a destruction derby and looks like a blend of Rocket League and Wreckfest. Players seem to be able to challenge others in a huge futuristic arena that features dangerous obstacles and special zones where you can drive along the wall. The racers have to destroy each other by crashing into opponents or pushing them into an obstacle. There is no release date at the moment, so we still have to wait to cruise at full throttle in this chaotic setting.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Publisher: Activision
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Take a huge cauldron, put in all Crash Bandicoot racing games that have been produced since the 90s et voilà, you get the reworked Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled from 2019. The game includes the classic elements from the PlayStation 1 hit Crash Team Racing as well as content from the Nitro series, then upgrading everything to today’s standard and adding new features.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled comes with a multiplayer mode where you can race against friends or strangers, but it also has a singleplayer adventure option. There, you have to unlock stages and win in boss races, which all take place against well-known characters from the franchise. The stages are not plain racing tracks but porcupined with obstacles. With power-ups and boosts you can improve your lap times. On top of that, you can choose between the Classic or Nitro-Fueled mode. New content can be unlocked by using Wumpa Coins which are earned through gameplay or can be purchased with with real money.

Toybox Turbos

Publisher: Codemasters
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Codemasters are known for their DiRT series and Formula 1 games. However, the developer offers a variety of other games, such as the table top racer Toybox Turbos from 2014. Tiny toy cars race and jump in different rooms, collect power-ups and find their way through household items. The stages are set in a casual everyday home where you have to race through delicious snacks on the breakfast table, jump on the kitchen counter and avoid the stove tops or pave your way through a child’s room.

The power-ups include items like machine guns and giant hammers to disrupt your opponents and overtake them with style. Of course, Toybox Turbos also comes with a multiplayer mode to play locally or online. In total, there are 35 collectible vehicles and 18 different tracks to compete on.

GRIP: Combat Racing

Publisher: Wired Productions
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

GRIP: Combat Racing offers another genre of racing games: Virtual Reality. The base game is playable on all platforms and was designed without a VR feature. However, after an update in April, players can now equip their headsets and dive deep into the virtual realms of GRIP.

The game itself is a combat racer where you go full-speed in futuristic vehicles that keep on driving even when flipped upside-down. If you take a look at GRIP’s logo, it also stays the same when turned on its head. But be careful when playing in VR, the game already has a fast base speed and flashy optics, but additional boosts accelerate the pace even further.

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