What is Assetto Corsa's fastest mod car

What is Assetto Corsa’s fastest mod car?

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa mod cars offer a different kind of speed. We put them to the test.

Photo credit: ChampionJoe

Assetto Corsa has many speedy cars on offer in its garage, but these are not fast enough for some racers. This is why cars have been modded into the game that break all the limits and redefine what speed actually means. Although the Mercedes-Benz C9 1989, the fastest original AC car, is by no means a joke and can achieve speeds of up to 398 kph (around 250 mph) in real life, it totally pales in comparison with our candidates we present you in our video.

Absolute speed machines

We put three vehicles to the test: The Formula Concept from Virtua Simulazoni was created to show what designers could achieve without the harsh regulations that changed Formula One dramatically in 2014. It is powered by a turbocharged V12 engine that can produce around 1,000 bhp. It also has an energy recovery system that puts another 200 bhp on top of that!

The second car is a fictional creation of Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and Japanese Game Designer Kazunori Yamauchi for Gran Turismo 5. The Red Bull x2010 can take corners so fast that it exposes your body to as much as 6G while doing so. Our last candidate, the Formula DS, utilizes a jet engine. But is more than 600,000 bhp (yes, you read that correctly!) enough to take the throne? Watch the video and find out!

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