The five best motorcycle games on the market

The five best motorcycle games on the market

Racing games are never all about cars – we show you the five best games for two-wheeler-enthusiasts.

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The virtual racing industry excites a huge community of racers and car-fans in general, but it is actually not only about four-wheelers of all kinds. We present to you our five top titles of all motorcycle games that there are so far.

The first candidate on our list is TT Isle of Man published by Bigben Interactive. The video game series made its debut with the first part of the series in 2018, but had only mediocre success. The second part, TT Isle of Man 2 – Ride On The Edge – was released in 2020 and excites the community far more than its predecessor. Featuring real riders and bikes and a multiplayer with up to eight drivers, the game amazes no matter if played on Xbox, PC or PlayStation 4.

Ubisoft’s arcade title Trials Rising is another game worth mentioning. It differs a great deal from the standard racing-format as it lets drivers compete against each other or an AI on tricky levels that require technical finesse to complete. Although it is still important who finishes first, the focus diverges from taking curves at the right angle and centers more on “who gets through the burning loop alive”. It is as much fun as it sounds and lets players beat their friends in an online mode or even on their own maps. The graphics of the game have unfortunately been slightly neglected for the sake of the game mode and an amazing metal-based soundtrack featuring popular bands such as Billy Talent, Sum 41 and Motörhead.

On the sim-side of motorcycles

The three remaining games on our list have a more simulative approach to motorcycle-racing. MXGP 2020 has made it onto our list as the official game series for the World Championship in motocross. Yes, that is right – Milestone’s gem of a racing game is all about the mud. Its release is planned for December 10 this year and will feature 19 premade tracks, but also a track editor for the player to design their own courses. The players can also choose between 68 playable drivers and enjoy a 4-people-multiplayer either on Xbox, PC or PlayStation 4 and 5.

MotoGP 2020 will be this year’s edition of Milestone’s popular annual game series. Being a simulation, it offers driving assists to make the concept more approachable for beginners to the genre. The career mode is also a great option for rookies to better their skills, alongside improving the staff on their racing team through successful races. This leads to a better bike and an overall simplified racing experience. The only downside of the title is blurry and undetailed graphics that tend to become a little buggy from time to time.

Drivers looking for a more challenging version of MotoGP might get lucky with Milestone’s Ride 4. The simulation was released on October 8 and is thoroughly enjoyed by experienced virtual racers looking forward to a challenge. The game has stunning in-game graphics, offers around 170 bikes to choose from and provides dedicated servers for a smooth multiplayer experience. With all that, it is slightly overwhelming for beginners of virtual motorcycle racing, but appealing for the more knowledgeable fans of the scene.

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