F1 2020: Top 7 Secondary Sponsors for My Team

F1 2020: Top 7 Secondary Sponsors for My Team

Picking a sponsor in the early game in F1 2020’s My Team can be tough, but this list will help you decide!

Photo credit: Jacob Hancox

F1 2020’s My Team mode gives the player a lot of decisions to make right off the bat, and this can be overwhelming for some. One of the hardest choices near the start of a new My Team save is which secondary sponsors the player should go for. Because there are just so many options to choose from, it can be really tough to know whether you’re getting the best value for money.

To help you out a bit, here’s a shortlist of the top seven My Team secondary sponsors available at the start of a new save. If you’re looking for options for later in the game, these are all solid choices then too, as the values scale up with your acclaim.

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7 – Avanzar

Avanzar’s logo may not be the prettiest, but it does show up well. Photo credit: Jaocb Hancox

Avanzar is one of the sponsors which gives you a target number of laps to complete over a grand prix weekend. This makes it rather situational, as the goal does not scale with your chosen race distance. Therefore, you should only take this sponsor on if you are running fifty percent races or higher, otherwise you’ll struggle to fill the lap quota. The goal itself is relatively easy to accomplish and comes with a decent, though not spectacular, bonus along with it. The weekly pay from Avanzar is poor though, so don’t take it on if you aren’t going to complete the bonus objective.

6 – Gedankenübertragung

This sponsor is frustrating for aesthetic reasons. Not only does it have an obnoxiously long name (which is German for telepathy or mind transmission), but the stickers that you can place on the car are always ridiculously small for some reason. Nevertheless, it is a sponsor worth considering. It’s weekly and bonus payments are mediocre, but the bonus goal of neither car DNF-ing a race is very easy to manage.

5 – Novus

Novus is a great all-round option, provided you can put in the practice. Photo credit: Jacob Hancox

As with Avanzar, Novus comes with a low weekly base rate but a great bonus size, as well as an attainable bonus goal in the form of a request to complete a total of thirty laps during practice, as a team. The fact that your teammate’s laps will also contribute towards the thirty should make achieving this goal a walk in the park, and you’ll always be able to run a couple of extra laps in third practice if you need to.

4 – XXY

One issue with XXY is that its goal bonus is a skill check, unlike the first three in this list. Nevertheless, completing all of the practice programs in a weekend should be manageable if you’re playing at the right difficultly level. The high bonus payment makes the extra effort worth it, and there’s a decent weekly payment to boot. This sponsor also gets bonus points for being one of the only ones to actually come close to filling up the rear wing of the car.

3 – Atlantic

Atlantic boasts the highest weekly income of all of the starter secondary sponsors, which automatically skyrockets it up this list. Not only that, but the goal bonus is pretty solid too, and the logo is quite aesthetically pleasing. So why is this not even higher on this list? Unfortunately, it suffers from the same issue as Avanzar, requiring you to complete seventy-five laps over a race weekend as a team. If you’re playing on fifty percent or higher, this is one of the best sponsors to go for, but it is far less valuable if you prefer shorter races.

2 – Zainetto

Zainetto sports one of the best logos in the game. Photo credit: Jacob Hancox

Zainetto may seem like an odd choice for a top two early game sponsor, considering it has a rather low weekly rate. However, it has one of the highest goal bonuses. In addition to that, the requirement is simply to answer two interview questions per weekend, which you would likely do anyway. But the main reason it makes it to number two on our list is that the logo oozes class. You can’t put a price from the satisfaction you’ll get from a great looking car. If you don’t care about style, you’re probably better off with Novus.

1 – PSD

Number one on this list goes to PSD. This is the sponsor with the highest bonus payment of any of the secondary sponsors available at the start of the game. On top of that, it is a relatively easy goal to manage as well, as all you need to do is answer four interview questions per race weekend. Occasionally, you’ll get unlucky and fall short, but the bonus payment is so much higher than all the others that it should still be worth it. A sub-standard weekly income is a slight caveat, but again the huge bonus makes up for it.

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