5 racing games in dire need of an overhaul

5 racing games in dire need of an overhaul

These five racing games could really use a generous overhaul, to say the least.

Photo credit: Origin/Electronic Arts Inc.

Be it a lack of content, chunky graphics, lame force feedback or just utterly unrealistic physics – there are countless reasons why a racing game can disappoint its players. While a bad game obviously has many negative sides, at the very least it can be a stepping stone for the developer to improve – right? Well, maybe you can see for yourself if our five candidates for the worst racing games so far have the potential to do better.

While these games are objectively bad for numerous reasons, we have to admit that they can still be entertaining – or rather, some of them. If you don’t agree, maybe try out Big Rigs and attempt to drive on one of the bridges – we’re eager to hear your review!

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