These are the best motorcycle racing games

These are the best motorcycle racing games

As a motorcycle racing fan, there are not so many good games to choose from. This list could help you.

Image source: Milestone

Motorcycling is a special type of racing. It is a whole different experience and requires different skills from driving a car – indeed, many people enjoy motorcycle races even more than other racing. That’s why it’s a logical step for some game developers to focus on motorcycle racing. We have gathered the best games of that genre for you.

The MotoGP series

Our first franchise is an obvious one when it comes to motorcycling games. The official MotoGP games developed by the Italian studio Milestone S.r.l. give fans the opportunity to play the licensed MotoGP racing series. Milestone has been in charge of the franchise since 2007 and they have shown that they know what motorcycling fans want.

Good graphics, realism and the licenses for drivers and tracks – if you are looking for a motorcycle racing game, MotoGP will always be a good choice. A new game is released every year – MotoGP 20 was published just recently on April 23rd.

The MXGP series

If you think normal racing tracks with tarmac roads are boring, then MXGP might be just the right franchise for you. It is the official game series of the FIM Motocross World Championship. And just like with the MotoGP series, Milestone secured themselves the licenses to develop the MXGP games.

Motocross fans like things a little different. A difficult off-road track consisting of mud and a motorcycle that can jump across hills without any problems. This is where the fun comes from in MXGP 19, the latest game of the series. Add fancy graphics, official licenses and even a track editor and you have a good overall motocross experience. Beginners might have to get a feeling for off-road racing on a motorcycle, though.

Driveclub Bikes

Perhaps you are looking for a more casual experience? If you want a motorcycle racing game that is easy to play even for beginners and focuses more on fun than on realism, then Driveclub Bikes might be a good choice. Sony created Driveclub back in October 2014 and followed up with this add-on one year later. Driveclub Bikes is a good-looking game on PlayStation 4 and makes you feel the speed of a motorcycle without getting too much into realism and sim racing.

Unfortunately, Driveclub is no longer receiving patches and new content. If you have not played the game yet, it might still be worth a try considering its low price in comparison to other PS4 racing games.

Joe Danger

Speaking of more casual games, it doesn’t get much simpler than Joe Danger. In a side-scrolling platform game, you have to overcome obstacles and do some impressive stunts with your motorcycle to reach a new highscore. The game was created by Hello Games 10 years ago, in 2010.

Although it is not a real racing game, it can still be lots of fun to rush through the colorful levels of Danger Joe and to improve your skills, as you progressively try to do more ridiculous stunts with every new stage coming up. You can even get the game as an app for your smartphone.

Dirt Bike Unchained

If you are looking for a mobile racing experience including motorcycles, you could also get Dirt Bike Unchained, which was published by Red Bull earlier this year. There have been two more Bike Unchained mobile games, where the player rides a bicycle, but Red Bull decided to give the new game more power and made it an off-road motocross experience.

It should be clear that Dirt Bike Unchained is not the most realistic game on the market, but if you want to play a casual motocross game and enjoy playing on your mobile device, it might be a good fit for you.

Trials Rising

If you like the Joe Danger concept, but not the look of the game, Trials Rising by Ubisoft is a decent alternative. Just like in Joe Danger you have to overcome obstacles, but this time you have to do it faster than your opponents. The latest game of the Trials series was released in 2018. Since then, Ubisoft has constantly come up with new content, including new stages, seasons and DLCs.

The stages in Trials Rising are based on real locations and look excellent, while the gameplay is fun and challenging at the same time. Playing it with your friends almost guarantees a great experience, which makes it one of the best motorcycle games out there.

The Ride series

But let’s get back to sim racing. If you want a realistic motorcycle racing game with great attention to detail that looks good at the same time, then you probably want to play the Ride series. Ride 1 was published in 2015 by Milestone and the Italian developer studio is already working on Ride 4, which will be released in October 2020.

For Ride 4, Milestone promises more realism than ever, so motorcycling fans are hotly anticipating the upcoming game. A career mode, dynamic and realistic weather, endurance races and an online mode could mean that Ride 4 will set new standards for motorcycling simulations. It is definitely an ambitious project.

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