This Game is an Esports Racing Hidden Gem

This Game is an Esports Racing Hidden Gem

There is an esports racing game out there which boasts a fantastic physics system, a huge open world map, excellent force feedback and more, yet it tends to fly under the radar.

Photo credit: BeamNG

Imagine the perfect esports racing game. What features does it have, what are its best qualities? For many people, things like high-quality force feedback, lifelike physics and a top notch damage model will be right at the top of the list. For others, a huge free-roam map packed with fascinating detail, or a large amount of variety in the game modes on offer within the game will be major factors. What if we were to tell you a game already exists which can satisfy all of these desires and more!

An Esports Racing Hidden Gem

Since its initial release back in 2013, the German developed has made waves among fans of driving simulators. Technically, the game has still not fully released, but all this effectively means is that it’s still being improved upon as time goes by. The popularity of the game has been increasing over time as well, so we took a look at the five biggest reasons that is such a good game in our video.

First on the list is the industry leading soft-body physics structure. This aspect of the game is especially noticeable during crashes, when the bodywork of the vehicles involved crumples and splinters in a very convincing fashion, but it is useful for more than just that. The feeling of the car benefits from the accuracy of the suspension’s reaction to bumps and terrain differences, for example. Naturally, it also helps a great deal with how the tyres feel as well, especially when you take in the second reason in our list: the high quality force feedback system.

What’s more, there’s a lot of singleplayer content available in the game, to the extent that you can drive a rocket powered bus if you really want to. BeamNG’s built-in mod support adds yet more variety and replayability to the game. To learn more about all of these aspects of the experience, and to find out what the fifth and final reason on our list is, take a look at the video above now!

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