Top 5 Greatest Rally Games Of All Time

Top 5 Greatest Rally Games Of All Time

If you’ve ever wondered what the best rally driving games of all time are, then here’s the video for you!

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Rally driving is a discipline which everybody knows, whether they’re into racing or not. The visual thrill of the sport is evident, as is the sense of danger which gets the heart racing. It’s not just in the real world that rallying is popular – there are many games dedicated to the pursuit. So many, in fact, that we decided to make you a quick list of what we think are the five best rally games which have been released to date. Take a look at the video!

A Genre Throughout Time

While there are a fair few recent rally titles available at the moment, the genre is not a modern phenomenon. Rallying games have existed almost as long as games have been able to simulate driving and racing. As such, our list features titles from as far back as 2004, with a few more modern ones in there as well!

Games such as WRC 10 bring the real sport of rallying to the player, giving them a feel for the World Rally Championship itself. Authentic, legendary cars such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V and tracks such as the Acropolis Tour are enough to give this game a spot on our list. If you aren’t familiar with the series, take a look at our review of last year’s edition of the game.

WRC 10 is just one of the five games that earned a spot on the list. There are a couple of other big name games in there, as well as a couple of games you might know a little bit less about. We aren’t going to spill the beans here though! You’ll have to head over to YouTube and watch the video to find out which games made the cut.

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