Top 5 video game cars we definitely want in reality

Top 5 video game cars we want in real life

Faster than lightning, indestructible and simply legendary: these are five cars in video games that we would love to take for a ride in real life.

Photo credit: Forza Motorsport Twitter

Would you rather do some casual oval racing in a normal GT3 car, or dash across the world in a monster that goes up to 500 km/h? Or maybe jump into a legendary beast of an offroad-vehicle from Halo? Or are you keen on experimenting with never-before-seen energy sources to fuel futuristic cars?

Racing games offer more than just re-living the daily routine of a motorsports driver: they can also let you experience trips that would not be possible in the real world. The virtual realm is an open place for the wildest cars that come with the craziest technologies.

We at OverTake collected five of the coolest cars in video games that we would love to take for a test drive in real life. So buckle up and put on your safety gear, because this will be a fast ride.

Are there any other cars in video games that you have always wanted to drive around in real life? Tell us on Twitter at @overtake_gg!