4 Reasons You Should Expect F1 Manager To be Great

4 Reasons We Expect F1 Manager To be Great

F1 Manager

The announcement of F1 Manager 2022 has got many racing fans excited. But will the game be any good? Here are 4 reasons why we think it should be.

Photo Credit: Frontier Developments

When F1 Manager 2022 was announced on 7 March 2022, there was a significant buzz surrounding the upcoming management title. It’s spiritual predecessor, 2016’s Motorsport Manager, was a well liked game among its rather niche audience. Fans of that title were among those who began to eagerly anticipate F1 Manager, but it was more than just those fans who were intrigued.

While Motorsport Manager was a good game, it lacked the resources to really make itself a great game. Furthermore, the absence of any official licensing for the sport or the teams and drivers involved was certainly a limiting factor. Here are four reasons why we think that you should expect F1 Manager 2022 to be the outstanding game that Motorsport Manager could never quite be.

More People are Interested

With the renaissance in popularity that Formula 1 has seen over the last few years, thanks to the arrival of Liberty Media and Netflix’s Drive to Survive series, there are more fans of the sport than ever. This means that there is bigger market for any kind of F1 game than there was when Motorsport Manager came out.

However, it goes deeper than that. The behind the scenes nature of the immensely successful Drive to Survive has turned knowledge of the pit wall and the team principals into a mainstream matter. As such, a game which allows players to jump into the shoes of Toto Wolff or Christian Horner now has a much wider target audience, even within the scope of F1 fans.

This factor plays into many others, such as funding and official backing, which we will get into soon. Essentially, a wider target audience guarantees more sales, which in turn justifies putting in greater resources than Motorsport Manager could have ever dreamed of. This can only be a good thing for the game’s chances of success.

The Developers Have Experience

Frontier Developments, the studio who are creating the game, have a solid track record. They were the creative force behind other tycoon-style games such as Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution. While F1 Manager 2022 will certainly not be in the exact same mould as Frontier’s previous endeavours, the studio’s experience in developing management simulators can only help the chances of the game’s success.

Not only do Frontier Developments have relevant experience, but they have also proven to be successful at creating good games within the management genre. Both Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution can boast Steam review scores of 85% or higher. but this is not the only thing that bodes well for what will inevitably become an F1 Manager series.

Resources Aplenty

Beyond garnering just experience from their previous successes, Frontier Developments have also become an established presence within the game design world. Along which such a presence comes the ability to both obtain more money for, and to subsequently spend more money on, F1 Manager 2022. Evidence of this outlay of resources can be seen in the paid advertisements that F1 personalities such as David Croft and Karun Chandok tweeted in the wake of the initial announcement.

What’s more, Croft himself is confirmed to be in the game. Obtaining the services of the lead English-speaking F1 commentator is a luxury that a development team strapped for cash would not be able to afford. All signs point towards the game being considerably well funded.

The Official Backing of F1

This is a big one. The fact that Frontier Developments have an official license to create a game which is explicitly about Formula 1 and which will feature the real names of drivers, teams and other personnel is huge. Not only will it provide the game with that official, polished feel that a game such as Motorsport Manager lacked, it also means a lot of doors will be open to the developers.

For example, the initial release trailer features voice lines from the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Christian Horner. Access to the personalities themselves, as well as soundbites, broadcast graphics and who knows what else will certainly help Frontier to push the game to another level.

When you consider these factors alongside one another, the future looks rosy for F1 Manager. Of course, we won’t say that the game will certainly be great – we can’t tell the future after all. What we will say, though, is that everybody should expect the game to be great, or at the very least very good. If it isn’t, someone will have dropped the ball big time.

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