5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport has had a rough start. Many players have reportedly complained of serious issues including game breakers. Here are our top 5 Things Forza Motorsport needs to improve to keep players interested.

Forza Motorsport was released in an unfinished state. Although this seems the norm for service games these days, it does not mean we just have to put up with it. As a matter of fact, the list of known issues in Forza Motorsport on the official support site is getting longer every day and contains some worrisome problems.

Besides gameplay and input, it is the technical issues regarding graphics and performance that currently make it difficult for players to enjoy the game – or even prevent them from playing it at all. Though there may be even more, here we have gathered the 5 Things Forza Motorsport needs to improve to keep players attracted.

5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve: #1 Technical Issues

Out of the many technical issues currently plaguing Microsoft’s new flagship racer, the following seem to be the most pressing to fix.

  • Poor performance even on high-end PCs
  • Unacceptable game loading times for AMD users (Shaders Optimization) of 10+ minutes, sometimes resulting in a CTD
  • Infinite loading in multiplayer
  • “Wrong” lighting, occasional flickering
  • Conspicuous reuse of old car models
5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve - Patch #1
A small part of the known graphics issues currently in Forza Motorsport published on the official support site.

Forza Motorsport still needs a lot of optimization. The developers quickly must get to grips with the performance inconsistencies and, even more importantly, fix the game breakers.

#2 Gameplay

Also regarding gameplay, meaning the various game modes, there is a lot of potential, to say the least. Here are some “highlights”.

  • Progression in Builders Cup is too slow and feels grindy
  • No real career mode
  • No actual qualifying / No possibility to set up complete race weekends
  • A lot of repetition
  • Only 20 tracks to race on
5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve - Gameplay
“Update 1.0” addresses important known issues in Forza Motorsport.

To be fair, the first bigger patch, officially called Forza Motorsport Update 1.0, has already been deployed and addresses mainly stability, progression, and multiplayer issues. However, even after that, some players still have the same or new issues, including crashes.

On the progression side, Turn 10 has to drastically reduce the grind to make the CarPG aspect more enjoyable and rewarding. Even after “Update 1.0” it still takes too long until you can fully upgrade and tune your car. Apart from the fact that it is illogical and unfortunate per se to subject the tuning options so restrictively to car leveling.

5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve: #3 AI

Beside the progression system, the AI is the second major factor in shaping your single player experience. And it is far from being good and convincing. Instead, it needs a lot of improvement.

  • AI are unaware, ignorant bullies
  • AI: Guaranteed mayhem in 1st corner, highly likely horrible first lap. Better on higher levels, but far from good and convincing
  • AI shows inconsistent performance and is slow in the wet
5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve - AI
Mostly at the race start, AI races become a wreckfest.

Mostly at the race start or on the first lap it is more like a wreckfest than a race. With the AI being ignorant bullies, there is guaranteed mayhem in the first corner. They are better on higher levels, though. Generally, the AI shows inconsistent performance and is noticeably slow in the wet.

#4 Inputs, FFB, Physics And Handling

Inputs, Force Feedback, physics and handling shape your driving experience. While the issues regarding inputs, physics and handling rather can be categorized as “weird” or “annoying”, the default FFB is an actual reason to quit the game. Here is our list of the most pressing issues.

  • Default FFB Settings are practically unusable. Finding at least decent settings takes hours of tweaking and fine-tuning. Unless you take our shortcut.
  • Game does not remember your custom input preset but goes back to default every time you start it.
  • Stock setups are “wrong”, and the cars handle bad.
  • Driving in the wet feels wrong.
  • Even the flattest curbs have an unrealistic instant oversteer effect on the car.
Our FFB settings guide helps you in finding the best settings for your wheel in Forza Motorsport.

We will have to wait for Turn 10 to address the oddities and inconsistencies in physics and handling. Regarding force feedback and car tuning, however, we are more than ready to help you out. Check our Forza Motorsport FFB Setup Guide and Tuning Guide for setting your FFB right and get the most out of every car.

5 Things Forza Motorsport Needs To Improve: #5 Multiplayer

Last but not least on our 5 Things Forza Motorsport needs to improve list is multiplayer. As with all online racing games, your online experience can differ big time, sometimes even within one session. It is no different with Forza Motorsport. Some like it, for others “it’s a complete joke”. The most serious issues currently seem to be:

  • Inconsistent, lacking penalty system
  • Questionable matchmaking due to cars on different levels
  • Questionable 60-fps cap
  • Poor stability (infinite loading, disconnects, freezes, crashes)

Multiplayer: Penalty System, Matchmaking, Stability

While one can be divided on gameplay features like the penalty system and matchmaking, the technical aspects are not up for discussion. Not being able to play online is a game breaker, and game breakers are hardly acceptable.

Also the online multiplayer in Forza still suffers from technical and gameplay issues.

Multiplayer: 60-FPS Cap

As for the 60-FPS cap, Turn 10 claims that it was there “to ensure a consistent and competitive online racing experience for all players across a variety of PC hardware configurations and the Xbox Series X|S consoles.” It may be doubted, however, that this is the main reason.

Firstly, it is a known fact that in Forza Horizon 5 high frame rates could cause inconsistencies with the physics. This could possibly apply to Forza Motorsport as well. Secondly, as user HeartOfBattleTV puts it on the Forza forum, “there isn’t a single competitive sim that caps FPS for competitive, or any, reasons. People with higher refresh rate monitors will actually be at a disadvantage when the game looks janky at a capped frame rate compared to those on a 60 Hz TV running at 60.”

We are looking forward to more fixes and optimizations for Forza Motorsport. It is a huge game with a lot potential under its hood. If you want to keep track with the current state if the game, see the latest info on fixed issues in Forza Motorsport.

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