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5 Tracks That Gran Turismo 7 Needs to Add Back

Gran Turismo 7

Another update has come to Gran Turismo 7, yet there is still no new tracks. To give Polyphony a bit of a reminder, we have compiled more tracks that are desperately needed in GT7.

When do you suspect the last new track was added into Gran Turismo 7? A month ago? Two? Nope! It was February’s 1.29 update which added the heavily reimagined Grand Valley circuit. That was the last time Gran Turismo players got a new track to date.

Polyphony are seriously testing the patience of their playerbase, with many bemoaning the lack of new circuits. Some even go as far to assume that after the most recent update, GT7 has now reached the end of its cycle only after nearly 19 months.

Hopefully that is not the case, and even if it is only one every three months or so, that we can still expect some new tracks in GT7. We have done this before, but there is more where that came from! Here are some more tracks we hope get added to Gran Turismo 7.


First up is a bit of a hidden gem from Gran Turismo 6. In real life, the Matterhorn is part of the Swiss Alps and is home to a ski resort. When creating a fictional track for GT6, the developers did not skip out on any of the area’s massive undulation.

The many layouts of Matterhorn in GT6 have such dramatic elevation change, most players would be forgiven for thinking they were instead going up a stunt ramp in GTA Online. Along with a short circuit, there’s the 2-mile Dristelen, the 2.05-mile Riffelsee and the most complex one, the 2.22-mile Rotenboden.

It is a bit narrow in parts, so it may not be an amazing track for close racing. But it is such a perilous ride from start to finish, even without the risk of falling off the edge. You can certainly picture some spectacular looking laps being set in high downforce cars.

Matterhorn may not be the first track one thinks of when it comes to must have back in Gran Turismo. It is certainly overlooked and we just cannot figure out why, as it is a very unique course and should return to the series.

Circuito de la Sierra for GT7

Next up is another behemoth from GT6, although more in this case in terms of track length. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is a notoriously long track, but Circuito de la Sierra has an extra mile on it!

The track is made up of public roads in the Andalusia region of Spain, situated around the Zahara-El Gastor Reservoir. If there is one word to describe this track, it is “relentless”. There is not a moment to breathe on this track, with every corner or crest coming up quickly like a bobsleigh course.

There are so many amazing segments on this entire track, it would truly be the ultimate challenge in any car. This course has a bit of everything; fast sections of corners, plenty of blind crests and even a long banked corner.

We seriously need to see Circuito de la Sierra in Gran Turismo 7. Just imagine the races that could take place on this track in Sport Mode and the World Series onsite events!

Goodwood Hillclimb

This 1.16-mile strip of tarmac in West Sussex, England is simply iconic. For 30 years, vehicles from all corners of the motoring world would gather at the Festival of Speed to go up the hillclimb. It is simply a must for any racing fan to attend.

The course previously appeared in Gran Turismo 6, and the current game has the Goodwood Circuit. So why is the Hillclimb not in GT7?

Yes, you cannot really do close quarters racing on a point-to-point, and it takes less than a minute in most cases. But it is really the ultimate test of precision and speed, with one even slightly misplaced wheel on the grass resulting in heaps of time being lost.

There is not just the Goodwood hillclimb, but there is also the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak hillclimb. It would be an incredible challenge for any player to compete on these two tracks.

Kart Space in Gran Turismo 7?

Back in Gran Turismo 5, karting was introduced to the game and later down the line, an indoor karting track followed. Kart Space has two layouts, the most complex of which is just under half a mile in length. Even then, it is a very simple configuration with mostly a few 90 degree corners.

Its standout section though is the banked near full-circle corner, but even then the track is a bit underwhelming. However, whilst karting is not exactly so popular that it warrants getting the likes of Wackersdorf, PF and Genk into the game, it would be nice to have just one decent karting-suited track.

So maybe Kart Space, if it were to ever return, needs a new coat of paint like Trial Mountain and Deep Forest Raceway. Maybe it could take inspiration from indoor karting venues like Supercharged Entertainment in New Jersey and the three-storey The Grid in Utah.

Even with potentially reinventing it, the track would still be in the same environment as the version from GT5 and GT6. Add some length, elevation and rollercoaster-style corners like on those two aforementioned real world tracks, players would be more inclined to give karting a try.

Circuito Ascari

Last but not least, a private racetrack that appeared in Gran Turismo 6 but never returned to the series after that. In real life, the Ascari Race Resort is a private club in Ronda, Spain for motoring enthusiasts to go on holiday.

The members can take to the 3.37-mile Circuito Ascari track and enjoy some of the greatest hits of corners in motor racing. There are the likes of Copse, the Senna S and even a mini inverted Eau Rouge.

It might not be the best track for racing, though. That first corner would certainly be tricky to take side-by-side. But in spite of that, the flowing nature of this track makes it an instant fan favourite. Plus, it is likely that Polyphony are still on good terms with the locals.

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi had a road named in his honour during the GT6 launch party in Ronda. Apparently, Kaz visited the Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi just a month ago. So could the team have been there to negotiate bringing back the Ascari circuit? Let’s hope so!

But even if it is not Ascari, just any one of these tracks being brought back would be immensely popular with the playerbase. It has been over seven months since we last got a new track on GT7 – we are long overdue a new one.

Which tracks would you like to be added to Gran Turismo 7? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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