Best free roam maps in Assetto Corsa
image credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Best Assetto Corsa Free Roam Maps

Assetto Corsa

Thanks to its modding community, free roam maps are very popular in Assetto Corsa. With so many to choose from, here are our top picks for you to try.

At release, Assetto Corsa was a pure sim racing title that allowed talented players to create third party cars and tracks. Over time, the modding capabilities have grown exponentially to what is now a wide open title. One might even describe a standard vanilla Assetto Corsa install as source code.

Whilst the game originally targeted circuit racing, it soon featured rally circuits and cars and now allows expansive open worlds. Indeed, there are countless free roam maps available to download for Assetto Corsa which arguably provide more fun than traditional racing.

But with so many circuits and maps to choose from, it is certainly difficult knowing which are worth your time. Well, here is our list for the best open world circuits for AC for you to try out now.

LA Canyons

Alongside the now outdated Lake Louise, LA Canyons was one of the first large-scale free roam maps for Assetto Corsa. Released back in 2017, it has since been touched up, reworked, updated and overhauled.

Today, it presents as a large circular loop with countless off-shoots leading up twisty roads to hidden locations. As the name would suggest, this track is set in the hills above Los Angeles and so the scenery is stunning. It makes for some incredible photo shoot opportunities as each blind crest and corner reveals a new stunning view over the mountains.

The views are amazing in LA Canyons
The views are amazing in LA Canyons. Image credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Offline, it is a great deal of fun to weave through traffic thanks to the CSP AI Flood mechanism. But online, the official servers feature countless additional game modes. From simple cruising to time trial races and even action-packed police chases, one will rarely get bored here. A 42km loop with several 8-14km roads peeling off, there is plenty of tarmac to get lost on.

Shutoko Revival Project

Moving away from the American West Coast and towards another iconic petrol head’s paradise. The Shutoko Revival Project recreates in great detail the network of ring roads and motorways that surround downtown Tokyo. In total, there are around 165km of tarmac to explore with many iconic landmarks available to spot.

Night time traffic at Shutoko in Assetto Corsa looks great
Night time traffic at Shutoko in Assetto Corsa looks great. Image credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Much like LA Canyons, the Shutoko Revival Project has a brilliant online community that makes for hours upon hours of fun. An impressive traffic system on the creator’s servers and a tight-knit community allows great racing all whilst dodging AI cars.

The highly-popular mod celebrates JDM culture and is very impressive visually. You likely have stumbled upon screenshots taken at Shutoko before. The night-time shots look particularly pretty, with the neon lights reflecting off of the cars.

High Force

In 2018, Playground Games launched the fourth addition to the Forza Horizon series, based in the North of the UK. Featuring the calm countryside of the Scottish border, the game’s map was particularly popular.

Appearing on Racedepartment in 2020 was High Force, an open world Assetto Corsa map aiming to captivate the FH4 audience. In fact, the stone walls, tall hedges, narrow roads and open fields all provide a sense of British cruising. Add to that the quaint villages available to see and you have the perfect Scottish lowland, Northern England driving simulator.

With just about 50km of track to drive, this is far from the largest map available for the game. However, it does allow for plenty of detail making for an immersive experience. Adding in some British wet weather and AI traffic cocoons you in your car and makes it hard to drag yourself away from the screen.

Glen Sheil

Much like High Force, Glen Sheil attempts to make the most of our love for the twisty, tight country roads of Scotland. But rather than visiting the border’s lowlands, it heads North for the undulous Highlands. It also does it on a much larger scale, combining over 400km of tarmac. Setting itself further apart from High Force, this area features no invisible walls and allows players to go off the beaten track.

Get in an off-road vehicle and tackle the many dirt paths, or even send it into a field. The map features a collection of lakes and mountainous regions, all with their own landmarks to discover. Circuits, runways, large buildings, view points are all present.

Elsewhere, the road variation means players can enjoy the winding tarmac in near-enough any form of car. Long lake-side stretches allow supercars to exceed safe speeds whilst smaller agile models will suit the switchbacks of mountain roads. This is one of the largest free roam maps available for AC.

Finally, there are many online servers dedicated to giving life to this immense creation. Racing and exploring is all possible with friends whilst traffic does patrol some of the larger streets.

Union Island

The Forza Horizon series may well be the original open world simcade racing game. But last week, Ubisoft released its best rival to the Xbox only title, The Crew Motorfest. Set in Hawaii, it offers a stunning location for players to cruise around.

But what if we told you Ubisoft was not the first to provide an open world driving game set on a tropical island. In 2021, RaceDepartment user Ben O’Bro launched their Union Island mod; a large tropical island free roam map for Assetto Corsa.

Tropical sunsets in Union Island makes it a great free roam AC map
Tropical sunsets in Union Island makes it a great free roam AC map. Image credit: Kunos Simulazioni

With a system of roads all linking to one another, a collection of small towns dotted throughout the island, some tall mountainous peaks to climb and great audio effects, this place truly feels alive. Add in either the 2REAL or CSP AI Flood traffic and you have a thoroughly immersive location.

Jump aboard your exotic supercar and explore the island all whilst dodging traffic offline. The online community for this map is perhaps lacking compared to the likes of SRP or LA Canyons. But you will not miss the racing attention when idyllic views over the ocean are everywhere and alien space ships are somewhere out there to be found.

Bella Vista

The previous five entrants to this list are all available for free. One can download them either directly from RaceDepartment, or via the creator’s Discord. But this final addition does require forking out some cash. In fact, this large, detailed map does cost €7.99.

You will need this map to navigate Bella Vista in AC
You will need this map to navigate Bella Vista in AC. Image credit: Assetto Corsa Tracks

For that price, Bella Vista is perhaps the largest Assetto Corsa free roam map around and features an impressive variety of locations and things to do. Over 450km of road are at your mercy with countless starting points to choose from. Surely not everyone wants to drive over three hours to get to the other end of a map.

Dotted throughout the incredibly large map are numerous race tracks, off-road circuits, different club houses, industrial complexes meet-up locations and stunning views. Keeping this vast expanse alive is an ever-increasing traffic simulation that is constantly being updated.

Whilst somewhat pricier than the other options, Bella Vista is surely worth the purchase. In fact, it costs less than a standard iRacing car. Constant updates and a map large enough that you will never see the same thing twice, this is a must-have.

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