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Every Sim And Racing Game Due In 2024 

Here’s a run-down reminder of every significant racing video game or sim racing title set for a 2024 release.

The past 12 months have been filled with continued support for existing sim racing titles and a suite of new titles; from the simple pleasures of an accessible racer to a two-wheeled island challenge and some of the most complex virtual rally stages ever. If that wasn’t enough, then 2024 is set to deliver even more of our favourite sub-genre. 

Not without its controversies, the cancellation of a part-developed dedicated IndyCar game, for example, 2023 turned out to be a bumper year. Not only was there Forza Motorsport, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 and EA SPORTS WRC, but more casual fans were spoiled by the likes of LEGO 2K Drive and The Crew Motorfest – two open-world titles that surpassed expectations. 

Several titles were also pushed from last year to the next, which means there is plenty to look forward to in 2024 – with a dash of cynicism until we go hands-on at least… 

Here then is a handy compendium of everything we know to be confirmed so far, plus a sprinkling of speculation. As ever, let us know in the comments below if you can think of something not featured here. 


Le Mans Ultimate 

The official simulation of both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the FIA World Endurance Championship is set for launch on 20th February 2024 for PC via Steam. This will be no mean feat, considering the political bun fight that Motorsport Games has been embroiled in, to the point where the only development team it has left is Studio 397. It’s make-or-break time. 

Le Mans Ultimate Gameplay Footage Highlights Monza, New Hypercar Sounds
Le Mans Ultimate. Image: Motorsport Games

But if anyone can pull through, it’s the rFactor 2 developers, especially if the way that venerable sim drives is anything to go by. Pair that with updated sounds and visuals, the RaceControl online system and official 2023-season content – Le Mans Ultimate has significant on-paper potential. 

As to whether the talent has enough time and budget to pull off a world-beater from day one we’ll see in just under two months. 

Assetto Corsa ‘2’ 

2014’s Assetto Corsa changed the face of the sim racing genre thanks to benign handling and pliable game code allowing for the creation of community-created mods. Then came the official simulation of the SRO-organised real-world championships, Race Trim Competition Assetto Corsa Competizione

From right to left: a red Ferrari 488, an orange Lamborghini Gallardo, an orange Porsche 911 and a white Nissan GT-R, all respectively behind each other on a racetrack.
Assetto Corsa, the original. Image: 505 Games

In 2024, we’ll finally see what the talented Rome-based Kunos Simulazioni team have been working on. Its exact form is far from a given, with the owner of its 505 Games publisher, Digital Bros, referring to it as the ‘sequel of Assetto Corsa’ in financial reports. 

Those same documents also revealed that the project was recently pushed back from spring to summer. It’s scheduled to release in an ‘early access’ form on PC first, before arriving on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A direct sequel to the original or something off-the-wall – place your bets now. 

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown 

Originally slated for 2022, then 2023, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will finally land in ‘early 2024’ as developer Kylotonn gets to grips with the open-world car game genre for the first time. 

We played an early build at Gamescom recently, and we can say the KT Engine – used for the WRC games up until the end of 2022 – is an esoteric choice to run a game of this ilk. If it were a car, the visual fidelity would be more Fiat Panda than Bugatti Chiron. 

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown 2024
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. Image: KT Racing

But this always-connected MMO has some tricks in its trunk, namely vehicle handling that’s far removed from immediate rivals like The Crew and Need for Speed. While we wouldn’t say it drove like an Assetto Corsa mod in the preview build, the physics were challenging. You need to have your wits about you when removing the driving assists. 

In that respect, Solar Crown is refreshing, and we’ll hopefully get to explore its 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island sooner rather than later. 

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game 

Wow, Expeditions: A MudRunner Game caused some consternation within the RaceDepartment comments when we covered its release date, with several commenters defending BeamNG. To which we say, can both not exist? 

Developer Saber Interactive is coming off the back of truck mud-plugger SnowRunner, which was by all accounts a staggering sales success – shifting over 12 million units to date. 

Expeditions - A MudRunner Game Saber
Expeditions – A MudRunner Game. Image: Saber Interactive

For the latest project, the focus is on small-to-mid-size vehicles, exploring denser and visually richer environments in the name of science. Of course, the signature terrain deformation remains. A deeper campaign structure, mixing in RPG-like people management and vehicle upgrades, is expected plus extensive post-release support. 

The visuals during our PC preview at Gamescom were breathtaking and the gameplay experience provides the same relaxing ‘feels’ as watching an ASMR video. 

It hits 5th March 2024 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 


Another off-road game, although with a significantly greater sense of speed, ExoCross will aim to create mud-splattered racing across PC, PlayStation and Xbox in 2024. 

Formerly DRAG: Outer Zones, which can still be purchased in its Early Access form, developer Orontes Games was purchased by iRacing in 2021.

Now under the stewardship of the American sim racing giant, ExoCross was delayed from 2023 to the coming 12 months in September, but an early build was said to be playable at the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series final in Charlotte. 

ExoCross, now under iRacing’s umbrella, releases in 2024
ExoCross, now under iRacing’s umbrella, releases in 2024. Image: iRacing

The final version is set to feature four distinct worlds and a total of 38 tracks, alongside robust track erosion, online multiplayer and iRacing’s AI system.

F1 Manager 2024 

The yearly official management title from Frontier Developments returns for its third season.

Of course it does, but this title is in the ‘confirmed’ section as opposed to ‘expected’ as recent publicly available financial documents disclosed the new game (“we are developing our plans for 2024”), reaffirming the team’s commitment despite recent layoffs. 

Most Played Racing Games Steam August F1 Manager 2023
F1 Manager 2023. Image: Frontier Developments

As for features and improvements, however, that’s all for a later date. The current 2023 platform added game modes outside of the single-player career in the form of timely post-real-world-event Race Replays. Mid-session saves were also added and post-release, the ability to swap teams at the end of a season. 

The question is what’s next aside from next season’s liveries? Let us know your guesses in the comments below. 

Stampede: Racing Royale 

No, this isn’t a particularly serious game – more clown than camber angles. As a gateway into racing in general for a younger audience, however, Stampede: Racing Royale has the potential to keep the sub-genre going for decades to come. 

At the core, this is a karting game with bright colours and exaggerated level design. Mix that with a 60-player battle royale formula, and you’ve got the automotive equivalent of Fall Guys. 

Stampede Racing Royale 2024
Stampede: Racing Royale. Image: Secret Mode

Following some private playtests, its early access release was pushed from November to 2024 as the Sumo Leamington team – which includes form Motorstorm Creative Lead Paul Hollywood – adds polish. Following an initial launch on PC, the plan it to then hit all major consoles and turn on the cross-platform play. 

PISTA Motorsport  

From the ridiculous to the, hopefully, sublime. Assetto Corsa modding team REG Simulations is now going all out with its own dedicated sim racing platform. 

Replicating the Argentinian motorsport scene, there’s set to be a diverse car line-up – from single seaters to the Turismo Pista-adapted Fiat Uno – alongside replications of real-world venues such as Autodromo de Rosario, Autódromo Roberto José Mouras and Autódromo San Nicolás. 

PISTA Motorsport Dev Log Chevy Procar 4000
PISTA Motorsport. Image: REG Simulations

While we await further details, some form of publicly available version of PISTA Motorsport is anticipated during 2024. 

#DRIVE Rally 

A follow-up, or spin-off, to the endless driving game #DRIVE, this cel-shaded rally title combines cute visuals with ‘80s and ‘90s-inspired vehicles. 

Alongside a full release for PC and consoles later in the year, ahead of then will be a series of closed beta tests and a demo. The physics are said to be complete overalled from the 2019 (mobile and Switch) original alongside car customisation and a career mode. 

Independent developer Pixel Perfect Dude has us captivated by the visuals, let’s hope the gameplay aligns. 



A spiritual ‘successor’ of sorts to the ‘00s GTR sim racing titles, GTRevival is by the recently formed Straight4 Studios under the stewardship of racing game stalwart Ian Bell. 

Ferrari 296 GT3 GTRevival
A Ferrari 296 GT3 in GTRevival, work-in-progress. Image: Ian Bell

When he’s not posting gun-wielding pictures, the sim racing magnate (alongside an email newsletter) has been the main source of information for this upcoming driving platform. His posts on X include in-engine images of modern GT3 machinery, such as the Ferrari 296 GT3, and grizzled beasts such as the Lister Storm. 

We also know that it will use the Unreal Engine for graphics combined with proprietary physics. “The aim is holidays 2024 for now,” confirmed studio owner Bell when quizzed about the release window. 

 Upon arrival, it will be published by Plaion for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S and we hope it’s more than an affectation with substance to back up the visuals. 


Not to be confused with Wreckfest, despite sharing a publisher, Wreckreation is a separate project by a diminutive bunch of ex-Criterion developers. 

Originally starting life as Dangerous Driving 2, the scope increased dramatically to include real-time track creation in front of your fellow online party members. Think one-part ModNation Racers, a hint of Make Way and a lot of Burnout

Wreckreation 2024

It’s ambitious, which means that naturally, the project has been in the works for several years. Despite an August 2022 reveal and it being shown to us at prior gaming events, a release window is yet to be provided. Fingers crossed for 2024. 


It wouldn’t be a year without a new Formula 1 game from EA and Codemasters Birmingham. No, F1 24 is not confirmed but this is as likely as an Erling Haaland goal should he be in sight of the penalty box – it’s going to happen. 

All we know is that with the Braking Point story on a two-year cadence, expect its omission this time around. For more of our speculation, we have an article for that

MotoGP 24 

See above but apply it to the pinnacle of two-wheel motorsport as developer Milestone extended its contract with MotoGP in 2021 until 2026

MotoGP 23 featured, for the first time, dynamic weather and ranked online multiplayer. The next derivation must push the game on in terms of physics now that the base infrastructure checks the boxes. 


The so-far-divisive nascent sim racing platform has big plans but has so far been glacial in its outward progress. Initially, Rennsport was down for a ‘late 2023’ public launch of some kind, but with that deadline in the rear-view mirror, it remains firmly in the closed beta stage. 

A recent update added the ability for in-game currency and electronic VINs, plus the first community-created track – taking a former Assetto Corsa mod track by Legion of Games and sprucing it up for Unreal Engine 5

Rennsport - Community-Created Orchard Road Street Circuit Arrives In 1.7 Update
Rennsport – Community-Created Orchard Road Street Circuit. Image: Rennsport

We hope we see further progression with its engine sounds and physics throughout the year, plus a greater understanding of the Competition Company’s goals for where Rennsport sits in the crowded market. With a bit of luck, greater access too. 

Exiting Early Access 

Karting Superstars 

Following the recent OverTake Christmas Twitch stream where some of the OT and RaceDepartment team raced each other using Circuit Superstars, we’re looking forward to seeing what Karting Superstars could become. 

Karting Superstars

Following a wholly independent early access release in September, a December update added ‘human DRS’ aka Aeroduck and collisions in online multiplayer. As it evolves, the target is to hit version 1.0 in 2024.

GeneRally 2 

The follow-up to the venerated top-down keyboard-clicking ‘00s is all but complete, save for network connectivity. Online leaderboards and multiplayer are in development, alongside further vehicles and tracks to go alongside the ability to import content from the first game. 

GeneRally 2 winter level
GeneRally 2. Image: Curious Chicken Games

With a passionate following, plus a receptive Curious Chicken Games development team, it was recently announced that, if all goes to plan, early access should end in the ‘first half’ of 2024. Lovely. 

Early Access Watchlist 

While we think both Karting Superstars and GeneRally 2 are locked in for ‘full’ releases, there are several additional driving titles in Early Access that we’re keeping our eyes on. 

Rev to Vertex
Rev to Vertex

Hong Kong-developed Rev to Vertex formally entered early access in August 2023, followed by a multiplayer beta. New Star GP has more polish than the touge racer, despite the retro arcade single-seater race also being in early access. When it initially launched in August, the line was: 

“We expect New Star GP to be in Early Access for between two and four months, but we remain flexible in responding to players’ thoughts and feedback.” 

New Star GP
New Star GP

Destruction-focused RaceLeague was released in July 2022, with an estimated early access period of ‘about one year’ and recently added a stock car, meanwhile released around the same time, top-down multiplayer mayhem title Turbo Sliders Unlimited continues its ‘18-24 month’ development cycle. 

Motorcycle simulator TrackDayR is also in its formative stages, with regular updates for the platform that now includes motocross and supermoto vehicles. 

Japanese Drift Master 2024
Japanese Drift Master

While it’s technically not in ‘early access’, only a PC demo is available for Japanese Drift Master and following a popular launch, we can’t be the only ones eagerly awaiting further news. Speaking of Japanese car culture, we’re also keeping our eyes on Apex Point.


Art of Rally creator, Funselektor, is working on its next game, thought to be a 2D circuit racing title. Following teasers and a call to arms for recruitment, very little is known, but we’d love to see it in 2024. 

Funselektor 2D Driving Game 2024

Bugbear Entertainment has long since stopped new content creation for Wreckfest, and shared to social media an image of some audio/visual equipment attached to a folkrace Saab in September with the following caption: 

“We’ve been flying under the radar but that’s just because we’re way busy behind the scenes.” 

Bugbear new game, Wreckfest 2024

The team then shared:

“MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024! The Bugbear team wishes you and your loved ones happy holidays! See you soon with new surprises!”

We’re not necessarily predicting a new game to be released this year, but hopefully, at least an idea of what it may look like. 

One title that is released regularly is the Monster Energy Supercross game, which is usually within the first three months of each year like clockwork. There’s no word at present if this will be the case in 2024, and developer Milestone recently lost the rights to its platform-sharing Motocross World Championship series. 

Monster Energy Supercross 6
Monster Energy Supercross 6, a sequel in 2024? Image: Milestone

Speaking of a new official MXGP release, (the last was in 2021), it turns out the deal has been picked up by Kylotonn.

We assume the French outfit to be all-hands-on-deck with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown at present. However, it does have two studios, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibly we see the early signs of a new dirt motorcycle title in the coming months. 

MXGP 2021 game
MXGP 2021 was the most recent game in the series. Image: Milestone

DLC And Updates 

Aside from fresh releases, those who enjoy several existing titles will receive significant updates, features and optional DLC throughout 2024. 

iRacing subscribers have been awaiting dynamic weather for some time now, and it was a downer that it didn’t ship towards the end of 2023. But 2024 is the year, it must be, and we’re here for it alongside regular quarterly content drops. 

Rain is coming on strong. Will we see it in iRacing next month?
Rain. Image: iRacing.com

Meanwhile, ahead of ‘Assetto Corsa 2’, the elder Competizione will receive a ‘GT2’ DLC pack in January – the final contents are still to be confirmed – and then a 2024 season pack later in the year that will also include the Nürburgring Nordschleife. At last! 

Wehrseifen corner on the Nordschleife racetrack.
Nürburgring Nordschleife in ACC. Image: Kunos Simulazioni

It’s not the only title to receive that venue, as the current Forza Motorsport will receive it via a free update in spring, plus the continued roll-out of new cars via the paid-for Car Pass. Its sibling, Forza Horizon 5, is also due to continue its Festival Playlist challenges, including unlockable new cars. 

From one open-world game to another, The Crew Motorfest’s car DLC drops will also run through 2024. Strangely, Ubisoft has developed a habit of late to bring new vehicles to The Crew 2 ahead of its newest series entry. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if that continues across the next 12 months. 

Pau. Image: RaceRoom

RaceRoom Racing Experience launched a new tyre model and a DTM DLC pack just days ago, but the previously announced Pau circuit and touring car pack are nowhere to be seen. Let’s hope they turn up soon. 

Modern prototypes and Le Mans-related content, plus multiplayer and endurance improvements are expected for Automobilista 2 as Reiza Studios continues its diligent work

Monthly updates are set to return for Gran Turismo 7, with at least the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo confirmed for January

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Is A 1071hp, 10,000rpm Hypercar 02
The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo. Image: OverTake

EA SPORTS WRC will receive virtual reality support on PC, although little is known about any further new content. BeamNG.drive just received a 0.31 update including a remastered truck, and while no 2024 content plans have been released, we can expect the unexpected. 

Last, but not least, a significant Nebraska region DLC will drop for American Truck Simulator

Nebraska American Truck Simulator
Nebraska in American Truck Simulator. Image: SCS Software

What would you like to see, test and potentially purchase in 2024? Let us know in the comments below, or on X @OverTake_GG, along with any titles not mentioned here you’d like to discuss.