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Sim Racing Predictions 2024: Our Expectations and Wishes

As 2023 comes to a close, we can look ahead to 2024 and make our predictions and wishes for new bits of content coming to our favourite sim racing titles.

We here at the OverTake.gg team wish you all a wonderful festive season. There have been many great moments in the racing games space this year, as well as a few that were not so great. With all that in mind, there is plenty of potential for 2024 to deliver more interesting content.

So we at OverTake have got our heads together to make some predictions for the next year. Whether they are realistic or absurd, nothing wrong with a bit of speculation and perhaps wishful thinking!

Sim Racing Predictions 2024


Assetto Corsa Competizione

For a while now, we have known that Assetto Corsa Competizione was on its way out, but like a rock band on their final world tour, they just keep extending that final encore. Plus, it would seem that even with the original Assetto Corsa‘s follow-up on the horizon, there is still a large chunk of the community who do not plan to ditch ACC.

Ideally, ACC would continue receiving updates even after ‘AC2‘ releases. However with Kunos’ workforce, it is safe to say that is not feasibly possible. But they are at last releasing the much-requested Nordschleife next Spring, so that could act as the perfect send off for ACC content updates.

Before that in January though, GT2 cars are getting added to the platform. Most people probably will not care for the cars, but what if it came with a track or two?

More Tracks for ACC?

There are so many tracks that have been on SRO championship schedules that never made their way to ACC. It would be difficult to believe that with developing the Nordschleife, that they would have another track releasing with the GT2 Car Pack. But if they were, it would have to be a track that has been on the GT2 schedule.

Since 2021, the SRO GT2 European Series have visited tracks that are in ACC bar three: Dijon, Algarve (a personal favourite of mine) and perhaps the most realistic, Red Bull Ring. That track was first-party content in the original Assetto Corsa, so maybe it would not be too much of a stretch. File it under: ‘Would be nice but do not expect it’.

F1 24

Speaking of tracks, it has been a few years since that fascinating 2020 season. With the season interrupted by the pandemic, many tracks not initially on the schedule were brought on last minute, some were never seen again and subsequently were not added into F1 2020 or any other game following.

These being returning venues like Nürburgring GP and Istanbul Park, and brand new venues like Mugello and the sub-minute Sakhir Outer Layout. Plus with two other former GP tracks Sepang and Hockenheim, it feels like Codemasters and EA have the perfect set of tracks to release as post-launch content.

Say what you want of course about the state of the F1 games, a lot of it is not untrue. But the addition of all these tracks would be the perfect way to sustain the lifespan of the title.

Classic cars would be nice to have back, particularly all the ones from F1 2020 plus the 70s-early 80s cars from F1 2019. But there was a reason they disappeared after F1 2020. Next to nobody used them… but then even less people use the supercars so why are they still in the game? If the classic cars return, expect them to only be unlockable in the Podium Pass.

In any case, everyone would want to race Sepang, Hockenheim, Nürburgring GP, Istanbul Park, Mugello and the Sakhir Outer Layout. Again, may be overreaching of course. But if MotoGP have six tracks from past seasons in their most recent game, F1 really should do the same.

Angus Martin, Contributing Editor OverTake



Whilst Assetto Corsa Competizione has a number of planned content drops, rarely does the community learn about iRacing content more than a week or two before release. Therefore, it is certainly difficult to predict what will launch to the game in 2024.

More iRacing IMSA Cars?

One thing that is clear, however, is the title’s links to certain championships. In 2023, iRacing and IMSA made very public their ties by featuring all four GTP models in the game. From the Sebring 12 Hours in March, the American Sportscar series will welcome a fifth entrant, the Lamborghini SC63 LMDh.

A Season 2 of 2024 release for the Lambo GTP to iRacing may well make sense. One can only assume that fans will be crying out for it from the moment it takes to the track.

Elsewhere, the IMSA series will initiate a number of brand new GT3 cars to its classes from the Daytona 24. Last year saw both the Ferrari 296 and Porsche 992 GT3 R hit the real and virtual tracks. But with the likes of Corvette, Ford and Aston Martin all bringing fresh meat to the Rolex, will the iRacing GT3 grid grow further?

One would assume that the Corvette, featuring in GTE form is almost certain to join the iRacing ranks. But a Ford Mustang entering the fray is an exciting prospect.

NASCAR Cup Series Refresh?

In other forms of racing, the NASCAR Cup Series will have a much different look in 2024. In recent weeks, both Ford and Toyota have unveiled updated versions of their Mustang and Camry respectively. Better aligning with the brands’ current fleet of production cars, they are definite lookers.

Despite going out of production at the end of this year, Chevrolet is reportedly hanging back on refreshing its Camaro until 2025. So a new set of iRacing NASCAR Cup Series cars may too wait until the new Chevy’s reveal.

With that in mind, the recent Oval Refresh and rejigging of the real-world calendar could lead to some circuit overhauls. Next year, the Cup Series visits Iowa Speedway for the very first time. First introduced to iRacing in 2011, Iowa is among the older circuit models on the service. So a full refresh prior to the series’ visit in June may please many local fans.

Timo Dick (Editor)


Automobilista 2

2023 was an important year for Automobilista 2. V1.5 featured a major overhaul to the physics of all cars in the game, which elevated the sim among the industry leaders in terms of driving.

With update v1.5.3 released at the end of November, via DLC Reiza introduced new historic tracks with period-accurate variants of Barcelona 1991, Interlagos 1991/93 and Montreal 1991 as well as the two Formula HiTech car classes representing the 1992 and 1993 Formula One season models.

Le Mans and Endurance Racing

For 2024, however, Automobilista 2‘s focus will shift from (historic) formula content to Le Mans and endurance racing. Already in their June 2023 Development Update, Reiza announced “the modern track [which] is being modeled with laser scan data.” Also, a couple of historical versions from the 70s and 90s were in the making.

Sim Racing Predictions and Wishes for 2024. Le Mans Track and Cars DLC to come to Automobilista 2.
Le Mans DLC(s) will come to Automobilista 2 in 2024 adding even more contents to the endurance racing branch. Image credit: Reiza Studios

On the car front, we can expect a list of new cars to come to the sim, “including some 2023 LMDh Hypecars & LMPs along with a fresh batch of 2023 GT3 cars in anticipation for next year´s event” as well as more endurance cars from the late eighties and nineties “to complement AMS2´s Endurance timeline with several prototypes and GT cars ranging from the early 70s to the mid-00s.”

And since beta testers can already get their hands on the Le Mans content, we may assume that the first DLC will be released very soon. Perhaps even as early as 2023.

IndyCar Licence

With their fantastic F-USA line-up consisting of various IndyCars models of different eras as well as numerous original circuits and ovals, Automobilista 2 would be predestined to buy the currently available IndyCar license and give us a complete season with all the cars and even more real tracks.

Admittedly, for a lot of reasons (workforce, money, contracts, etc.) this is not particularly likely. But one may hope and dream…

Sim Racing Predictions and Wishes for 2024. The whole IndyCar Licence in Automobilista 2 would be a dream come true.
The Formula USA is Reiza’s interpretation of the current IndyCar. Image credit: Reiza Studios
Thomas Harrison-Lord



Before Codemasters became an Electronic Arts subsidiary, it signed a five-year deal with the promoter of the FIA World Rally Championship – the first year of which was 2023. With four years left to run on the deal, and the first title (EA SPORTS WRC) lacking a year as part of its nomenclature, what happens next is unclear.

The Southam-based development team could continue to work on the existing platform, iron out some bugs and charge for extra content. As it stands, apart from virtual reality support, not much is known about the 2024 content plans.

EA SPORTS WRC Lancia Fulvia
Will EA Sports WRC get a 2024 season update or have a successor? Image credit: EA Sports

Alternatively, there could be EA SPORTS WRC 24 as a separate title, aping the Formula 1 game release strategy. As this is an article about predictions, without insider knowledge and not necessarily what we would like to see, let’s go out on a limb and suggest that there will be… a new title later in 2024.

Let’s see if that proves to be correct over the coming months!

What are your sim racing expectations and wishes for 2024? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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