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These are All the Best Mods for F1 22

F1 22

Imagine you could use F1 22 to time travel into the new era of the 2026 season or return to the good old days when V8 engines roared in Formula One. All that and more is possible with the help of mods. Here are a selection of the best mods available for F1 22.

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Despite a lack of good modding tools, the F1 22 community has been very creative in adding a variety of additional content to the game, including new gameplay or visual features. All of these mods are available to download online.

Use Race Data to Improve with the Telemetry Tool

Success in modern day racing not only comes from talent, but also from the smart use of data. However, F1 22 only offers a limited amount of car data to work with.

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Here, the “Telemetry Tool” comes into play. This mod, which also works with various other racing games, provides you real-time telemetry data. You can use it to compare your lap times or sectors with pre-selected opponents. The data and telemetry can easily show you where you lose or gain time compared to your opponents and can thus help you to get the best out of your car.

Besides hot lap comparison, the tool also includes a real-time track map to use during the race, which is also a big upgrade to the map used in the vanilla game. You can download the mod here.

Livery and Cosmetics Mods are Everywhere

Most mods for F1 22 presumably focus on changing the livery of the cars or other cosmetic items like race suits and helmets. There are masses of mods to choose from which offer your cars a new paint job, so here is just a quick rundown of our favourites.

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One mod allows you to properly say goodbye to four-time champion Sebastian Vettel with a “Danke Seb!” (“Thank you, Seb!”) livery. The “F1 Team Livery Package” mod allows you to change the liveries of the official team cars, including driver numbers. And finally, there are numerous packages which provide liveries from extinct teams like Lotus or future teams like Audi to use in My Team.

Jump Ahead to the 2026 Season

The 2026 season is still far away but is already highly anticipated by Formula One fans as its change in regulations sets the season up to herald a new era of the sport.

The “F1 2026 – Game Overhaul” mod allows players to already get a taste of the 2026 season. The mod includes fantasy liveries, new driver lineups and debuting teams like Audi, Andretti and Van Amersfoort. Also, it sees the return of Toro Rosso as a team as well as Michelin tyres. The mod also changes the start and in-game menu into the theme of the 2026 season.

However, be aware that this mod is not compatible with online play. You can download it here.

A Blast from the Past with V8 engines

This is yet another mod that allows players to time travel. However, this time it takes us to the past. The “V8 Hybrid Engine Pack Mod” alters the audio of the current car engines and replaces it with the sound of the good old V8 engines, whose era started in 2006 and ended in 2013.

Six different manufacturers are included into the mod, namely BMW, Ford, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Renault.

Career and My Team Calendar Editor

The community was very pleased when developer Codemasters implemented the possibility of running shorter seasons into their games. However, a lot of fans are still not completely satisfied with the feature, since it does not allow detailed custom changes to the race calendar.

Even the craziest race calendar changes are possible. Photo credit: Screenshot from LohaTronsRS / YouTube.

This is where the “Season calendar editor CheatTable” comes into the play. The mod gives you full control over the race calendar, allowing you to build the season of your choice. Whether you want a season finale in Imola or three Silverstone weekends in the middle of the season, anything is possible! Also, it allows you to make changes during the running season. The only exception is that you are still limited to the number of 10, 16 or 22 races per season.

However, the mod is still in an alpha phase, which means that errors still occur. For example, there is currently a game breaking bug when slotting in the Monaco GP into another race weekend, so you should avoid that. But who really wants to race in Monaco anyway?

When modding the game, make sure to always stick to the installation guides provided by the modders. Also, get to know how much each mod is going to change your game before you install it, as some are not compatible with online play or might trigger the anti-cheat software of F1 22.

What is your favourite mod to use in F1 22? Tell us by sending a tweet @OverTake_gg or leave a comment down below!

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