These are the Top 5 Racing Games Coming in 2023!

New year, new games: 2023 has some very exciting games to look forward to.

Image credit: Turn 10 / Microsoft

Legendary franchises are set to make their return to our home screens with new Forza Motorsport and Test Drive games arriving. Meanwhile, another new competitor is aiming to become the best racing simulation on the market.

Here are the top five games that we cannot wait to play in 2023!

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown

The Test Drive franchise is one of the oldest in virtual racing, with its first game being released in 1987. The games are all about luxury and social status: driving premium brand cars, racing in the open world, and buying fancy clothing, houses, and accessories for your character.

The last Test Drive game was released in 2012, but its successor is expected this year. Developer studio Kylotonn announced a 1:1 scale rebuild of Hong Kong island to be the open world location of the game.


Focused on GT racing, Rennsport is aiming to become the new number one simulation on the market. The developers already presented their alpha version of the game on several events and the sim racing scene is hyped for the final result.

Plans for an esports competition in the game are also expected to be revealed soon. Rennsport is partnering with German esports league organizer ESL. We are curious to see whether Rennsport is going to challenge the likes of Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing.

Forza Motorsport

Half a year ago, we got to see the first gameplay scenes of the upcoming Forza Motorsport. Its predecessor, Forza Motorsport 7, is already more than five years old, so fans are eager to finally get their hands on a Forza designed for the new Xbox generation.

According to developer studio Turn 10, damage model and AI behaviour have been revamped. Will Forza Motorsport be the prodigy of simcade racing in 2023?

Get to know more about the games and which other titles we look forward to in 2023 by watching our YouTube video!

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