The 10 best tracks in F1 23
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Top 10 Best Tracks in F1 23

F1 23

This year’s F1 23 game is special for the number of tracks it includes, but which are the best? Here’s our top 10 list.

Upon its announcement, the 2023 F1 calendar was record breaking for its number of race weekends different tracks. A total of 24 separate venues were scheduled to host Formula One this year, although two have already been cancelled.

With that in mind, the all-new F1 game had to reflect such a spread of circuits. This is certainly something EA and Codemasters have achieved with F1 23. In fact, the new title features a whopping 26 circuits including the original 24-race 2023 calendar and a pair of off-season venues.

There are many great tracks in F1 23, but which is the best?
There are many great tracks in F1 23, but which is the best? Image credit: EA Sports

With so many tracks to race on, picking a circuit to drive is a challenge in itself. Do not fear however as we have narrowed the selection down to the 10 best tracks in F1 23. Here is our rundown.

10. Las Vegas

Upon announcement of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the F1 community let out a collective sigh. The same phenomenon occurred when the final track layout appeared for the first time. After all, it is yet another collection of straights, 90-degree turns and concrete walls.

However, one must admit that the ability to race on the Las Vegas strip during the night is fantastic. Being able to do this before any real-world racing action on the circuit has taken place is even better. Driving on the Vegas circuit may not be thrilling in its own right, but the light show that flies past at over 300kph is astonishing.

Las Vegas circuit in F1 23
Las Vegas circuit in F1 23. Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

9. Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is the jewel in the crown of Formula One, so it might seem strange for its circuit to only feature as the ninth best current track in F1 23. But there is a simple reason for it not ranking higher; it’s too tight for today’s cars.

Driving the newest generation of heavy single seaters around the streets of Monte Carlo feels cumbersome. In fact, it’s at higher speeds that the F1 game feels the most fun. So naturally, the Swimming Pool Section – which we dubbed one of the best corner combinations in Formula One – is the only fun part of the track to drive in F1 23.

8. Losail

Speaking of high speed corner fun, those that have booted up the game at the Losail circuit, home to the Qatar Grand Prix will know just how much of a ball this venue is. Fast sweeper after high-commitment apex, this course really puts a driver through their paces.

The one downside to this circuit has to be its vast run off areas. Designed as a bike racing circuit, it obviously doesn’t feature any of the elements that create jeopardy for cars. Gravel traps and barriers do exist here. But they are so far from the track that one needs binoculars to see them from the racing surface.

The Qatar Losail track is in F1 23
The Qatar Losail track is in F1 23. Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

7. Zandvoort

Jeopardy is one thing the next track on this list is not missing. Zandvoort is well and truly an old-school race track that tests a driver’s nerves as well as their skill. Lined with grass, gravel, aggressive kerbs and walls, one mistake and it’s race over.

Whilst many of its corners challenge the rear end with many traction zones, plenty of Zandvoort’s turns see drivers commit to mind-boggling speeds. Furthermore, the recent addition of banking to several corners helps the home of the Dutch GP become on of the best tracks in F1 23.

6. Jeddah Corniche

In recent years, Formula One has gone through a street circuit phase. The next two venues on this list both feature roads used by the general public and concrete barriers up close and personal to the race track.

Jeddah is the most recent addition of the two and, whilst controversial from a safety standpoint, we simracers don’t have to worry about that. Instead, we get to revel in the challenge of flat-out, high-commitment turns, tricky braking zones and tactical DRS games all in between hard, race-ending barriers.

In an online race, this circuit is surely one of the most frustrating tracks on F1 23. But when it comes to hotlapping, it is certainly one of the best.

5. Albert Park

Another of the many street circuits on the F1 calendar this year is Albert Park. The Australian Grand Prix is definitely not part of the current street circuit boom having celebrated its 25th race at Albert Park this year.

With plenty of history, Melbourne is one of the favourite GP locations among drivers in the real world. And with the ’round-the-lake’ track now in an even faster specification, virtual drivers can also enjoy the thrills of ducking and diving through barriers on a bumpy road used on a daily basis.

4. Circuit of the Americas

The Circuit of the Americas, or COTA as its best known is a polarising track. Its vast run-off and copy-cat layout in which it steals sections from other well-known racing locations make it a Marmite-like circuit.

However, it is because of its nature as a cocktail of the best corners in motorsport that puts it on this list. The opening esses take clear inspiration from the Silverstone Maggotts and Becketts whilst the long right-hander at the end of the lap is a mirror image of Istanbul Park’s infamous Turn 7.

Aside from being a fantastic track to drive, bar the forgiving track limits, COTA provides some of the best racing on the calendar. Long straights allow for great slingshot potential whilst the slow tailbacking hairpins of Sector 3 mean switchbacks aren’t only possible, but encouraged.

3. Portimão

Whilst the majority of circuits in F1 23 feature in the game for their place on the 2023 schedule, that is not the case for two. One of which is Portimão, a venue unseen in Formula One since 2021. However, it held a place on last year’s game following a post-release update and is included in F1 23 from launch.

Whilst this Portuguese circuit doesn’t feature on the real world calendar, there’s no complaining from us about its inclusion in the game. In fact, by featuring in the game this year for no other reason than it being a fun layout certainly pushes it further up this list. That plus its roller coaster-esque elevation change, mix of high- and mid-speed corners and ability to race well means it is one of the top 3 venues in F1 23.

2. Silverstone

When you think of Formula One, one of the first circuits that should pop into your head is Silverstone. It hosted the first World Championship race back in 1950, it frequently provides barnstorming races and despite the FIA and FOM’s best efforts, it is still on the calendar today.

This has to be for its brilliant raceability and amazing layout for qualifying sessions. In fact, be it the Grand Prix, Qualifying or even Free Practice, it’s very difficult to have a boring session here. Simply driving through the many high speed turns and nailing every entry, apex and exit is one of the joys everyone should experience in life. As a result, it sits high up on this list. But not first. No, there’s one track that outdoes Silverstone as the best circuit on the new F1 game.

1. Suzuka

Drum roll please. With a fast, flowing circuit that leaves every racer that drives it in awe, the best track in F1 23 has to be Suzuka. Whilst it is a cliché that this Japanese test track is the greatest venue for F1 cars, it’s a cliché for a reason.

If anyone can complete a lap of this track without as much as smirking at the thrill of the experience, they clearly have something wrong with them.

Leave the pits and find yourself immediately greeted by a pair of tightening radius turns that will throw the car off if you aren’t perfect. Then, thread your car through a series of esses up the hill towards Dunlop and then the high-commitment Degnas. The hairpin may appear to provide a break in the madness but a tricky braking zone puts a rapid end to that idea.

A long, sweeping flat-out section leads you to Spoon, another impossibly challenging tightening radius section which requires an almighty exit before speeding towards 130R. Spot your braking zone for the Casio Triangle chicane and you’re almost home. But don’t forget the horribly mean traction zone which requires a second gear pull all whilst curving round to the right as you join the start-finish straight.

In all of motorsport, very few circuits rival Suzuka. And with street tracks becoming a trend in Formula One, the F1 game is losing more and more venues that can outdo this Japanese wonder of the world.

What is your favourite track in F1 23? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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