Top 10 most popular Automobilista 2 mods
Image credit: AFry on RaceDepartment / Reiza Studios

Top 10 Most Popular Automobilista 2 Mods

Automobilista 2

The Automobilista 2 modding scene is growing fast, but here are the most popular mods on RaceDepartment. How many do you have?

A new update just released for Automobilista 2, meaning many will be returning to the game to try it out once more. Whilst the title is far from being as open as Assetto Corsa, it does feature opportunities for modding.

In fact, the RaceDepartment Downloads page for the title features a great number of third party creations; no less than 558, in fact. But with quality varying greatly and purpose sometimes lacking, it can be tricky sifting through the rocks when searching for gold.

In this list however, we have found the top 10 most popular mods for Automobilista 2 on RD. As you will come to see, the title certainly has its niche, and does that well. How many do you have, and how many will you download now?

F1 2022 Skinpack

As aforementioned, Automobilista 2 mods often follow a similar trend. With a collection of excellent recreations of history’s Formula One grids, creators consistently put out top quality skin packs to reflect the cars’ seasons.

This is the most popular mod for Automobilista 2
This is the most popular mod for Automobilista 2. Image credit: Soldier93 on RaceDepartment / Reiza Studios

The most popular Automobilista 2 mod on RaceDepartment perhaps overlooks the historical value the game brings to the table however. The F1 2022 skinpack by Soldier93 takes fans back to last year’s races. The first season with the new ground effect cars, and one that began the current Red Bull domination, this is a memorable season. It is clear that fans want to recreate its races.

Top Automobilista 2 mods: IndyCar

Besides skinpacks, it is somewhat rare to see additional content feature in Automobilista 2. However, RaceDepartment user luijo is part of the team that created one of the best car mods for the game.

In recent years, the IndyCar licence in gaming has seen some controversy. Suffering from the issues was Reiza as it had reportedly planned to release a current Dallara IR-18 to the game as part of the Racin’ USA DLC. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Third party cars in AMS2.
Third party cars in AMS2. Image credit: Luijo on RaceDepartment / Reiza Studios

To rectify the situation, luijo and their team has put together an impressive recreation of the real world single-seater that competes in the Indycar series. With both Road Course and Oval body variants, every livery from the 2023 season and extensively simulated Push-to-Pass systems, it is a faithful recreation of the sport. Certainly steps above the Formula USA 2023 model present in the base game.

Content Manager for Automobilista 2

In a recent article, we went over the various ways of installing mods for Automobilista 2. Whilst skinpacks solely require a drag and drop action, larger creations like the aforementioned Indycar take some file modification. However, with our next entry, one need not worry about intricate procedures.

The Automobilista 2 Content Manager is one of the most popular mods for the game, with nearly 14,000 downloads at the time of writing. It allows players to simply install even the more complicated third party creations with a simple drag and drop process. If you are planning on installing cars and tracks to AMS2, this is a huge time-saver.

Formula 1 1991 Skinpack

And back to the Formula One skinpacks! The fourth most downloaded AMS2 mod on RD is an accurate recreation of the 1991 F1 season for the Formula Classic Gen 4 cars. With a total of four different models in the Gen 4 class, the 1991 season livery pack has good car variety.

Historic F1 skinpacks are popular in AMS2
Historic F1 skinpacks are popular in AMS2. Image credit: AFry on RaceDepartment / Reiza Studios

Furthermore, according to our Formula 1 Season Guide in AMS2, the 1991 championship is one of the most accurate in the game circuit-wise. One can run up to 12 of the real season’s 16 rounds in the title. This is only out-done by the recently released 1992 and 1993 seasons.

F1 2023 Liveries in AMS2

The most popular skinpack in Automobilista 2 may well be the 2022 Formula One season at the moment of writing. But sitting at fifth place and rapidly rising is the 2023 season. Having just ended last weekend, players are sure to flock to this representation of the series.

Whilst it may not feature all the tracks, especially the more modern additions to the calendar, AMS2 features all the driver-favourites from this year. Furthermore, the pack includes a collection of one-off liveries and even concept skins such as the Audi model, set for 2026 debut.

The F1 2023 skinpack for Automobilista 2 is climbing up the mod page ranking.
The F1 2023 skinpack for Automobilista 2 is climbing up the mod page ranking. Image credit: KRRT Dustin on RaceDepartment / Reiza Studios

This means that special events such as the Monaco or Silverstone races can be portrayed to a high level of accuracy. Even the merry-go-round that was the Alpha Tauri line up is accurately simulated in this AMS2 livery pack.

Liveries for F1 2012

From one of the least competitive seasons in F1 history to perhaps the most entertaining in living memory. The 2012 Formula One season will always be remembered for its seven winners in the first seven races, quite a feat considering 2013 saw a dominant display of performance by Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel.

Thanks to top AMS2 mod number six, one can recreate many great races from the season. This pack, like many before it, brings all the season’s liveries, plus the driver AI files providing a glimpse into each racer’s personality. Just be wary of Romain Grosjean. He enjoyed a coming together or two that year.

Automobilista 2 Mods: F1 2000

When scrolling through the top Automobilista 2 mods, one will frequently spot a familiar name. RaceDepartment user AFry is responsible for many a Formula One skinpack for Automobilista 2. In fact, the previous F1 2012 pack and this 2000 season livery collection both emerge from their expertise.

These F1 2000 liveries are some of the most popular mods for AMS2
These F1 2000 liveries are some of the most popular mods for AMS2. Image credit: AFry on RaceDepartment / Reiza Studios

It is clear that this creator’s collections are all of the highest quality, and extremely popular. The combine accurate liveries with the correct driver names as well as their personality attributes and speed. Racing any pack from this creator is a thrill, and with so much choice, one can revisit their favourite seasons at any time. In this case, you can try and recreate Michael Schumacher’s first Ferrari title win – or stop the German on the way!

2020 Formula 1 Season

In the midst of COVID, the 2020 Formula One season was particularly strange. The championship only got underway in July and ran to a condensed calendar, with multiple double-header events.

Positively for Automobilista 2 players, this means that many of the European circuits present in the game make up the bulk of the season. As a result, the season is more accurate than other years surrounding the 2020 running. With RD user Erbinator’s take on the season, the 2020 F1 championship comes to life in AMS2. Can you take on the dominant Lewis Hamilton?

Racing Life: An AMS2 Career Mode

Finally! A break from the endless F1 skinpacks comes with the addition of a popular Career Mode mod for Automobilista 2. Racing Life is a full-on role-playing game that integrates AMS2 driving and content with a creative all-encompassing RPG still game mode.

Check out this live stream from when our very own René Buttler tried the mod out.

In Racing Life, one can create a back story for their character, choosing where to start on the ladder. From there, earn money by racing and sign various sponsorship deals. Throughout the career mode, one can go from the bottom of the karting scene to Formula One World Champion. Prefer a sportscar or vintage approach? You can follow those dreams as well.

Formula 1 1986 Livery Mod In AMS2

To round out this countdown of the top 10 most popular Automobilista 2 mods, the only way to end is with another Formula One skinpack. This time, we travel back to a time when cars felt like death traps. That is very evident when driving the single seaters in AMS2.

The 1986 F1 skinpack works with the Formula Classic Gen 1 class in the game. These massively turbocharged cars a a true challenge to complete a lap in, let alone be competitive. With around 1300hp in qualifying trim, vast amounts of turbo lag and the period-correct liveries to go with the cars, this is a brilliantly immersive series to drive. Furthermore, with many accurate tracks from the season, one can run a near-full championship without issue.

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