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Top 3 iRacing Tracks That Desperately Need Updating


The variety of locations that iRacing has to offer in their track selection is second to none. Some of them do show their age, however. Which of them are overdue a rescan? Here are our top 3 iRacing tracks that need updating.

iRacing is notorious for its ‘piece by piece’ content model, including multiple versions of the same track throughout the years. As a result, some of them are not quite up-to-date anymore. Here are a few candidates that we think would benefit from a refresh.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Easily one of the most used and recognisable tracks in the iRacing catalogue, Spa is a fan favourite. After the safety improvements at Eau Rouge and Raidillon, it is very different to how it is presented in iRacing. These changes where highlighted after the tragic loss of Dilano van ‘t Hoff in the Formula Regional championship back at the start of July, 2023. To add to this, the return of gravel traps changed the character of numerous corners.

In lighter news, the track model and layout is currently being looked into by the team at It has been mentioned by an iRacing team member on an official forum as being ‘In the works’.

The kerbstones and runoff areas show their age as well, with the out-of-date red-and-white combination still in place as opposed to the red-and-yellow colour theme that the track has had for many years now.

Despite the out-of-date look, Spa is always worth picking up as a solo piece of content despite its flaws. As mentioned previously, the iRacing team are working on a remodel and the track is a very regular feature across a very large majority of championships.

Additionally, a large amount of special events also take place at the iconic Belgian circuit, such as the Spa 24h.

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Eau Rouge and Raidillon. Credit:

For more detailed information on what has changed at the Ardennes rollercoaster, check out our article on RaceDepartment published ahead of the 2023 iRacing Spa 24 Hours.

Interlagos (Autódromo José Carlos Pace)

With the popularity of the Interlagos Grand Prix track across a wide range of formulas in iRacing, it is a shame to see the lack of update to it over the years. Whilst the track itself has not had any major layout changes since its introduction to the software at the start of 2013, it does show its age compared to some of the more recently added tracks.

The circuit is a regular feature across a large variety of series and certainly worth the money. However, do not expect a polished and modern-looking race track when loading it up for the first time.

The circuit certainly is a time capsule back to 2013 in regard to the vegetation and the overall finish of the track surface. The grandstands are also out of date with multiple missing from the modern day layout.

Interlagos is one of those tracks that many iRacers have some sort of positive memory racing around. Its a track that features heavily in mid-range championships as well as multi-class events. This makes it well worth a revamp and an update.

Interlagos Turns 1-2-3. Credit:

iRacing Tracks That Need Updating: Oulton Park

With Oulton Park being a free-to-play circuit, it is to be expected that iRacing does not want to put much time and money behind updating it. However, with the cracking down of track limits within Motorsport UK’s rulebook in 2022 and 2023, the limits of the track are very far off from what they would be in real life.

Not only does the circuit suffer from outdated track limits ruling, but tyre stacks and barriers leading into the hairpin are no longer accurate to its real life counter part. Vegetation and water texture are also majorly outdated when compared to more recent additions.

The advantage that Oulton Park has over some of its similar competitors is that every layout comes free with an iRacing subscription. The track has not really been touched since 2009 when it was added alongside Brands Hatch. But as described above: you can tell.

That being said, the track is completely free. So when it does pop up with the ever-famous MX-5 class or Formula 4, the circuit is worth a shot.

Oulton Park Hairpin. Credit:

More iRacing Tracks That Need Updating

There are many other tracks that suffer from similar issues as the three mentioned above. Indy’s road course and Brands Hatch are just two tracks that just missed out on this short but sweet list.

iRacing uses state-of-the-art technology to bring its audience the best experience possible. This results in some of the best quality sim racing content for the community to drive even after fifteen years of the service being active. And recent additions like Willow Springs or the rescanned Zandvoort that there should be even more up iRacing‘s sleeves.

Which tracks do you think need updating the most? Let us know on our Twitter @Overtake_gg or down in the comments below!

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