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Top 5 Best Cars in Automobilista 2 Version 1.5

Automobilista 2 just received a major update to version 1.5 overhauling the physics, so what are the best cars to drive in the game now? Here is our top 5.

Yesterday, sim racers around the world finally got their hands on an update they had been waiting months for. Version 1.5 for Automobilista 2 was always predicted to be a game changing update. It’s fair to say that those that have tested the new physics out will agree that it has lived up to expectations.

Overhauling the game’s tyre model and reworking many car simulation elements such as suspension and aerodynamics, it flips the title’s handling on its head – in a good way. The result of the update is no longer do fans have to skirt around content, searching for cars that feel good in-game. Now that all cars drive as one would expect, we can sort through the absolute best car in Automobilista 2. Here is our list.

5. Kartcross from the Adrenaline Pack

Alongside the 1.5 update for Automobilista 2 comes the Adrenaline Pack. Bringing off-road racing categories such as rally cross and dirt buggies to the mix. The DLC pack is aptly named as sending it sideways on a gravel circuit with other cars all around you is sure to get the blood pumping.

Kart cross is the best part of the Adrenaline Pack
Kart cross is the best part of the Adrenaline Pack – Image credit: Reiza Studios

There is one model in the pack that will do this more than any other though. No, it isn’t the 900Nm Rally cross machines. The off-road racer that will provide the greatest rush in Automobilista 2 is in fact the least powerful of the lot, the Kartcross buggy.

This adorable racer may be small, but it is fierce. It makes up for its lack of power by encapsulating the phrase, “weight reduction bro.” It is essentially a tube frame chassis with minimal bodywork and small wheels. This all comes together to make for an agile model that slides anywhere you take it. More often than not, the driver clings on for dear life without any hope of truly controlling it. This fear factor is exactly why it is one of the most fun cars to drive in AMS 2.

4. Formula USA in Automobilista 2

From low power off-road racing to squeezing every ounce of juice out of an already substantial engine. The Formula USA quartet of cars brilliantly represent the history of IndyCar and CART. Whilst the older models are certainly fun to fight around road courses, the brand new update means AMS 2 players can finally enjoy some of the oval circuits in the game.

The modern Formula USA car is brilliant in AMS 2, especially on ovals
The modern Formula USA car is brilliant in AMS 2, especially on ovals – Image credit: Reiza Studios

At these flat out venues, the modern 2023 take on the Formula USA idea feels like the best combination. No more do the cars suddenly lose rear grip on the banking following the update. As a result, racing at circuits like Gateway and Fontana is actually fun, no more so than in the modern Formula USA cars.

The AI does a great job of searching for the slip stream in AMS 2 which makes racing an action packed experience. Even though this can sometimes get a bit much with pack racing becoming the norm, the feeling behind the wheel on-track is epic.

3. Chevrolet Corvette C3-R: A Great AMS 2 Car

Take a look at the Automobilista 2 list of content and you’ll soon figure out that the game does historic racing fantastically well. It features numerous old representations of tracks throughout the year. The car list includes many old models and now that the physics feel right, they are a truly satisfying challenge to drive.

The Chevrolet Corvette C3-R is a fantastic car once you get used to its weight
The Chevrolet Corvette C3-R is a fantastic car once you get used to its weight – Image credit: Reiza Studios

That is exactly how one would describe the C3-R Corvette. This heavy yet powerful brute is all about getting ahead on the straights and suffering its lethargic tendencies in the corners, especially up against the other car in the Historic GT class, the Porsche 911 RSR.

Whilst this may sound like a pain to many, nailing a lap in this car is so rewarding. Forget your typical braking points and bring them much earlier. Be gentle on turn-in and don’t get on the power too early. Instead, coast into corners and slowly apply the throttle from the apex. Once you’re lined up, plant your foot and feel the car slide elegantly to the exit. On street tracks where the stakes are higher, this is even more of a satisfying feeling.

2. Formula Junior

Having released long before the latest update, the majority of cars in Automobilista 2 are fundamentally flawed. The developers may have worked their magic in transforming their handling. But there’s nothing better than a car built for its engine.

That is the case of very few cars in the game, but the Formula Junior is one. This entry-level formula car from the 1950s is low on power and weight and features some of the best behind-the-wheel feeling of any car in Automobilista 2. The force feedback feels more communicative and the car is more responsive than other models.

The Formula Junior car was designed for the latest Automobilista 2 update
The Formula Junior car was designed for the latest Automobilista 2 update – Image credit: Reiza Studios

Better yet, due to the car’s lowly power figure, it makes for excellent racing. This car is all about using the slip stream and keeping momentum high. In many ways, it produces racing akin to the Skip Barber in iRacing. Although, this model sits on bias ply tyres and features absolutely no aerodynamic black magic thanks to its lack of wings.

For the best feeling car in Automobilista 2, go for this little classic open wheeler.

1. Porsche 911 GT1-98: Best car in AMS 2?

If you’re looking for the car with the best overall driving experience in AMS 2 however, the Porsche 911 GT1 is the way to go. Sounds, response, force feedback, grip, inputs. Everything about this car will put a smile on the driver’s face. Obviously, it certainly helps when you get to race against cars like the Nissan R390, Mercedes CLK GTR and McLaren F1 GTR.

Previously to the update, the GT1 class was something fans would look at but never dare drive as every car suffered from the terrible disconnect in feeling that plagued the title. Now however, we can finally enjoy the fantastic selection of cars on offer.

Porsche 911 is the best GT1 car in Automobilista 2
Porsche 911 is the best GT1 car in Automobilista 2 – Image credit: Reiza Studios

The Porsche sits at the top of the pile for its brilliant cockpit design that better replicate the real model. Furthermore, it isn’t the most powerful car in the class. So in races, it’s all about maximising the corners, making for brilliant racing. You may get past the car ahead on the brakes. But if that car is a McLaren or Mercedes, it will fly past again on the next straight.

That being said, it isn’t a frustrating experience. The 911 GT1-98 offers great agility and feels brilliantly nimble and responsive. Each input takes the car exactly where you want it to go. The only thing that poses a challenge is the immense turbo lag. So beware of power delivery on corner exit or your high tech GT1 will become a Formula Drift monster.

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