Here are some of the best time trial tracks you should try out in BeamNG.Drive
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Top 5 Best Time Trial Circuits in

One of the best things to do in is laps of time trial layouts. We went through the list of base content circuits to give you the most fun time trials in BeamNG.

Despite only being in Early Access, there is so much to do in From larking about hitting cars into lampposts to completing tricky challenges. However, one of the most entertaining things to do for sim racers is lapping the many time trial circuits in the game.

But with over a dozen maps in the standard game, each containing around ten circuits, there are many circuits to choose from. Of course, some are better than others, with numerous layouts not grabbing the attention of the top flights. With that in mind, we went through each map and put together a selection of the best time trial circuits in BeamNG. Here is our list.

Automation Test Track: Full Circuit

Among racing fans, BeamNG is no doubt known for its top-quality rally simulation. Pushing a vehicle to its limits on a gravel track with objects lining the road is excellent fun in the crash-a-lot game. However, that is not to say that circuit driving is boring.

If you want to race on a purpose built circuit, you can do so in BeamNG
If you want to race on a purpose built circuit, you can do so in BeamNG. Image credit: BeamNG

The Automation Test Track map features a number of routes with vehicle testing in mind. One can import their vehicular creation from Automation into BeamNG and test it out at this purpose-built facility. Off-road tracks, handling courses and brake testing streets, the map has it all.

But certainly the best of the lot has to be the full circuit. One of very few road courses in a vanilla BeamNG install, the full Automation Test Track circuit is one of the best time trial layouts for testing a car.

With its long straights and mix of high speed and low speed corners, it is certainly best suited to the faster car in the game. Any of the specific track cars in BeamNG fit perfectly here.

On BeamMP, the game’s multiplayer mod, one can certainly have a great deal of fun racing against friends here. Then again, if you can work your way through the settings menus, organising an AI race is just as fun. With grassy run-off separating the track from the barriers, this circuit focuses on letting players enjoy the title’s handling rather than worrying for their lives as trees fly by.

Lock up too much and you'll be on-track for a meeting with the barriers
Lock up too much and you’ll be on-track for a meeting with the barriers. Image credit: BeamNG

Jungle Rock Island: Island Loop

One of the older maps in BeamNG.Drive is Jungle Rock Island. Driving in the area, one can tell it doesn’t match the level of Italy or Johnson Valley for instance. In fact, there appear to be fewer roads and the overall size of the area appears to be smaller. However, that is not to say that it does not feature some great time trial tracks.

The full Island Loop is a fast-flowing track that uses the island’s perimeter road. Following the coast line, one frequently gets sight of the sea, when the tree line is not hiding it that is.

With lots of undulation and elevation change, each corner has its own profile. Much like the Nordschleife – admittedly on a much smaller scale – it will take many laps to learn this course in its entirety. Until you do learn it, the blind crests are sure to make things complicated.

Bumps and jumps galore at Jungle Rock Island.
Bumps and jumps galore at Jungle Rock Island. Image credit: BeamNG

As aforementioned, there are many trees covering the map and they get very close to the road side. In fact, it seems some of them even intrude on the tarmac in what is supposedly a rarely used section of road.

With tunnel runs, great views and a true temporary feel to the course, one may well compare this circuit to some of the street circuits present in Gran Turismo. Driving a lap is always an occasion and with so many medium to high speed turns, it’s all about keeping the speed up and running close to the barriers.

Johnson Valley: Crankshaft Pass

The most recent map to release for the game, Johnson Valley is one of the most popular locations in BeamNG. Bar a single straight line crossing the area, each route in this expansive desert is made up of gravel, sand or rocks. In fact, there are some fantastic paths to follow in the off-road vehicles available. But the best Johnson Valley time trial in BeamNG has to be Crankshaft Pass.

A challenge available in the Scenarios tab, one is restricted to running the Trophy Truck on this challenging off-road path. Yes, this is the near-impossible route that has seemingly defeated many a Youtuber on the quest for three-star success.

The challenge starts out with a long section that should be taken flat-out. But bumps in the road scupper those plans, forcing players to take a more sedate approach. That is more or less the theme of the challenge. One could in theory belt it and defeat the target time by a dozen seconds. But the harshness of the track surface means care is very much required.

How not to tackle Crankshaft Pass
How not to tackle Crankshaft Pass. Image credit: BeamNG

A relatively long course, crashing towards the end is a dreadful experience. But for some reason, it will make you come back for more punishment. This is the sort of thing that BeamNG.Drive does so well and needs more of. In fact, it is this challenge in particular that makes us think BeamNG should acquire the Dakar licence to make a truly challenging masterpiece.

Italy: Gravel Hillclimb 1

When thinking of Rally Sardegna in the WRC, the first thing one should imagine is fast stages passing over mountains. Well, the Italy map in BeamNG.Drive has several roads that draw inspiration from this legendary round of the World Championship.

Surely the best track for simulating the dangers of Rallying in BeamNG has to be Gravel Hillclimb 1 on the Italy map. In fact, this route is a very fast course that rewards commitment. But make one mistakes and you will either fall off a cliff face, or hit a bank, bounce and then plummet from the cliff edge. Crashes truly do always end in only one way.

Gravel Hillclimb 1 in Italy in BeamNG is one of the best rally stages in the game
Gravel Hillclimb 1 in Italy in BeamNG is one of the best rally stages in the game. Image credit: BeamNG

Starting out with a straight line, picking up speed, the corners on this track become increasingly tight. With a satisfying reduction in speed, one gets a real sense of going somewhere on this rally stage. Whilst you start not far from a village, surrounded by open plains, the climb quickly takes you above the map looking over the adjacent valley.

Not only are the views fantastic, but the track layout is superb. Mixed with the fantastic off-road physics of BeamNG.Drive, jumping behind the wheel of any rally car here is a joy. Just make sure to get the car slowed down in time for those first few turns.

Small Rock USA: HooptieX

After epic stages mixing fantastic driving roads, brilliant views and a thrilling challenge to simply survive, this top ranking BeamNG track may surprise many. However, having released in the latest Gambler 500 update, the HooptieX challenge is excellent fun.

Much like the Crankshaft Pass, this is a Scenario Challenge rather than a pure Time Trial circuit. As a result, one must drive the special vehicle provided; a Gambler 500 creation.

If you do one thing today, try out the HooptieX Scenario in BeamNG
If you do one thing today, try out the HooptieX Scenario in BeamNG. Image credit: BeamNG

An automatic, rear-wheel drive car, this leaves little to worry about other than keeping the car on the narrow track whilst battling the surface. In fact, the route is entirely made up of deep, soft, sandy roads. So the car has as much grip as water on ice.

With a combination of fun corners, all allowing the player to rotate the car well, there is great flow to the track. In fact, one can naturally Scandi Flick the car from turn to turn. With the softer surface, the car does not pick up too much speed making these slides very manageable. It also means that out-braking oneself is difficult to do.

It is a shame one cannot set up this stage with a larger variety of cars. However, the speed of this modified beater perfectly suits the track. As a result, we the community can all compare our times in equal machinery. So make sure to try out this brilliant circuit and tell us your time.

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