Best tracks in Forza Horizon 5
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Top 5 Best Tracks in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

Across the Forza Horizon 5 representation of Mexico, there are many great tracks, but which are the best? Here’s our top 5 countdown.

Throughout any playthrough of Forza Horizon 5, one is bound to experience all kinds of circuits. From flat-out sprints to insanely long and technical courses, there’s something for everyone. In fact, the sheer variety of the FH5 map means there is a seemingly infinite number of layout possibilities.

With so many different tracks to race on, it can be hard to remember each one. However, there a couple that stand out from rest during a playthrough of the game. Be it thanks to a single fun race, an impressive layout or even its location, there are many factors that make a track memorable.

To avoid player’s going through the lengthy trial and error stages to find their favourite tracks, it’s time to answer the impossible; what are the best tracks in Forza Horizon 5. Here is a rundown of the top 5 venues in the game.

5. Ek’ Balam Cross Country Circuit

It’s not every day that you get to stare at a temple. But even rarer is the chance to race massive off-roaders between, over and through these same temples. In real life, Ek’ Balam is a historical archeological site. But in Forza Horizon 5, the temples within the site become a Cross Country race track.

The Ek’ Balam Cross Country Circuit is truly thrilling. You start off at the foot of one of many pyramids in the area and slides your way around the base. A ramp then sends you flying over one of the smaller constructions before a short run up the hill provides momentum to blast through a third pyramid.

Not only is this a very fun location, it is also a great antidote to the typical Cross Country – or Baja – racing style. In fact, many tracks in this type involve frustrating courses mixing ridiculous jumps that end in sudden speed losses and flat-out sections sliding through fields. Ek’ Balam has to be the best cross country circuit in Forza Horizon 5.

4. River Scramble

Another venue that sends cars under giant man-made monuments is the River Scramble. Set in the southern rainforest portion of the game’s map, its layout forms a perimeter around the river’s valley.

Whilst passing under the tall highway bridge, this track rises up one side of the valley, drops down to cross the river and continues the process on the other side. Going up and down these steep hills, the car behaves very differently at different points of the course. On the uphill sections, it’s all about keeping momentum. But when dropping down, one must be careful to control the weight transfer.

The combination of a loose gravel surface and dramatic elevation change makes one feel like a Scandi-flicking god. This is one of the Horizon Wilds circuits every racer must give their time.

3. Playa Azul Circuit

Moving to the coast, one will reach the base of all road racing activities, the Horizon Apex Festival. Not too far north of there is one of the best road courses available to drive in Forza Horizon 5 and it’s called the Playa Azul Circuit.

Located in the real-world hotel resort complex, Playa Azul, this track feature long straights and many high-commitment corners. In fact, you’re best off bringing a high grip car to this layout for its many high-speed turns with plenty of solid objects in reaching distance from the racing surface. Take the final turn for instance, which requires great speed for the perfect run, but where going slightly wide will run your car into the wall invalidating your lap.

As well as being a fun circuit to drive, it also races well. A few hard braking zones are perfect for out-braking your opponents whilst the many long straights make for perfect drafting. A clean online race here is sure to get your blood pumping.

2. Cathedral Circuit

Playa Azul may be one of the best road courses in FH5. But the Cathedral Circuit located in the city of Guanajuato sits firmly at the top of the pile. Diving through the narrow streets of the game’s main residential area, this track has one unique feature and that is its tunnels.

Yes, this is the infamous Forza Horizon 5 track that everyone has a love-hate relationship with. Those tight, twisty and technical tunnels make for a sublime experience when you get it right. But turn in a smidge too early and you’ll easily clip one of the many blocks that stick out from the wall, stopping you dead.

With flowing sequences of corners, little room to make overtakes and a rewarding feeling after every clean lap, this is surely the Monte Carlo of Mexico, the Monaco GP or FH5. Even more like Monaco, on either end of the long, flowing sections is a tight hairpin ready to catch out anyone who forgets to brake.

1. Caldera Scramble

Road racing is fun. But surely, there’s no form of motorsport more intense than Rallycross. That is what Horizon Wilds is all about. With the Caldera Scramble, Playground Games has seemingly created the perfect motorsport venue.

Sat atop of the map’s Volcano, this circuit provides some breathtaking views. Not only that, but its compact style full of short accelerations, tough braking zones and challenging corner sequences make for a very enjoyable drive. As long as you can avoid distraction from the view, this track is easy to get a rhythm for.

To top this circuit off, it is seemingly impossible to have a bad race. Cars can run side-by-side through almost every corner with over-under moves always possible. Sliding on the mountain’s loose gravel whilst looking over the map as you battle hard against other racers is the ethos of Horizon. There truly is nothing better than race at Caldera.

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