How F1 2021 could become the best simcade out there

How F1 2021 could become the best simcade out there

No bugs, better weather effects and higher competitiveness – what we hope to see in F1 2021.

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The F1 racing franchise already has a lot going for it: In terms of realism and an immersive driving experience, Codemasters’ simcades have been impressive depictions of Formula 1 racing for a long time. However, the past games have shown several issues that need to be addressed in order for this year’s release to become the best on the market. F1 esports racer James Baldwin sums up everything that has to be improved in F1 2021 to maximize the series’ potential.

More creativity and realism

The first problem that definitely needs to be tackled in the newest release of the F1 franchise is the reliability of the game. In the past, F1 2020 has frequently complicated its gameplay with random bugs and glitches. Codemasters will have to extend the play testing phase to erase issues such as cars randomly getting stuck in walls or even instances when the entire game crashes. Alongside this, there are still some additions that could be made to increase gameplay quality, especially in wet driving conditions. More realistic rain physics and wet lines on the track would be a welcome approach.

Another major issue that often causes frustration is the matchmaking in online races. Skilled drivers and beginners are frequently being matched in competitive racing, so that less experienced players are without a chance to win while F1 experts claim only very unsatisfying victories. A more refined system enabling balanced match making could solve the problem in this year’s release.

Lastly, a large part of the F1 community would benefit from more options for customization in F1 2021. For example, in terms of livery design options, creative players are limited in their use of different shades and designs for now. A larger array of possibilities on this end would be a rewarding and captivating addition to the game.

Following the acquisition of Codemasters by EA, F1 2021 is bound to show some changes compared to its predecessors. As we are approaching the final months before this year’s release, we are excited to see how the upcoming F1 game will turn out.

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