rally car in WRC Generations seen from behind while driving on a dirt road

7 Rookie Errors to Avoid in WRC Generations

Rally is one of the most dangerous and challenging motorsports in the world. It has its very own laws and rules that you have to follow if you want to keep the car on the road and be fast at the same time.

Photo credit: KT Racing / Nacon

So, if you are new to WRC Generations, do not worry! We will show you seven common beginner mistakes that you should avoid in the rally game by KT Racing. Pace and success will come in an instant!

Keep your Eyes on the Road

When players start playing a new racing game, they often focus on their car instead of the road ahead. In most cases, that is not too much of a problem. But in the hectic sport of rally, where the road can twist and turn at any moment, misjudging the track can end your race quickly.

In WRC Generations, it is important to look ahead and watch out for possible dangers. Try to spot reference points from afar that can help you understand where the course is heading.

For example, trees can be a huge help. They can give you an idea of where the road is heading and whether a sudden change in elevation is around the next corner. Barriers can also be used as a warning of a tricky section ahead.

Scrap the Realism for a Better Race

We all want our racing games to be as immersive as possible. But there are some features that can manipulate your race quite heavily while not offering too much more realism.

One perfect example in WRC Generations is the camera shake. It is supposed to increase the intensity of the game by making the driving more action-packed. But, what the shaky camera also does is take away the steadiness of your line of sight. That results in you being less able to scan the road ahead and spot those important landmarks. Also, the feature has some clunky interactions with other camera settings, making things even more difficult for you as a beginner.

To deactivate the setting, go to ‘gameplay settings’, then ‘cameras’ and switch ‘camera shake’ to off.

There are even more quick tips that help to improve your experience in WRC Generations instantly. Make sure to watch our YouTube video on the topic to learn them all!

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