BeamMP Guide
Image credit: BeamNG What Is BeamMP, and How To Use It In 2023

BeamMP has revolutionised how players enjoy their favourite sandbox soft body physics game. Here is our guide to BeamMP how to get it working in 2023.

What is BeamMP?

BeamMP is a downloadable resource for that brings multiplayer to one of Steam’s best-selling physics-based sandbox games.

The mod allows players to connect to both official and privately run servers. The ability to add multiplayer functionality in a game that originally was designed for single-player gameplay is a major undertaking and made possible by fans of

Ibishu Claria on an offical BeamMP server.

Additionally, BeamMP provides features like synchronized vehicle physics, multiplayer chat, and the ability to interact with other players in the game world with relatively stable servers. From drifting to demolition derbys, there is something for everyone in the best-loved mod in

The game is also wheel and pedal-friendly, so make sure to check out our force feedback guide so that you can get up to speed with BeamNG.Drive settings with ease.

How To Install BeamMP

The installation process for BeamMP is relatively straightforward. The Instructions are laid out on the BeamMP website if you do get stuck.

Firstly, you need to visit the BeamMP website and download the UI launcher. Next, you will need to extract the folders to your chosen destination on your computer and run the application.

Once installed, will launch from Steam and your UI will have the new multiplayer function automatically added. Additionally, the launcher will create a desktop shortcut, allowing you easy access to the multiplayer.

Once launched, the service will ask you to create an account with BeamMP. This is not a necessity, but doing so allows you access to the support forums as well as displaying your name in public lobbies.

Whether you create an account or not, you are ready to explore the maps of BeamMP with the rest of the community.

Community racing is one of the most popular disciplines of competition in BeamMP.


Throughout the BeamMP server list, there is a fantastic variety of maps, challenges and people to interact with. From trucking driving to drifting, if you want to experience anything you can do in the base game, BeamMP has included it.

No features are behind any paywalls. BeamMP truly lets players create their own stories and journeys together, so much so that you would suspect it was a feature in the game from the start.

BeamMP server list.

Popular servers are often the 24/7 drift offerings. During testing, we found that there was always a handful of players online to drift down the mountains of Japan together, or simply around the roundabouts on the East Coast USA map.

If drifting is not your thing, the rock crawling adventure maps are sure to keep you entertained. Some maps are more generic and involve actual tracks, whereas some include player-made ‘Getting Over It’ style maps.

Finally, there are a plethora of free roam maps with healthy player bases for activities such as truck hauling or street racing. The majority of servers have a ‘One car per player’ rule in place to reduce lag, so keep that in mind if you intend to create any scenarios with other vehicles.

24 Hours of Le Mans

BeamMP has a broad range of special events that have been held in the past. An example would be the 24 hours of Le Mans, BeamMP style. Using the partnering software, Automation, teams had to design and create LMP1 and LMP2-styled cars.

The result was a crazy crash-filled event that, after some server restarts, ran smoothly considering the number of players and cars that took part. Popular entertainer and Youtuber Muye took part in the event. Below is his point of view of the race.

BeamMP: Something For Everyone 

In conclusion, BeamMP multiplayer is one of the golden nuggets in the world of The ability to create and join custom servers as well as join official ones gives a lot of depth to this fantastic addition to an already brilliant game.

From time attack to derby, there is something for everyone in BeamMP.

The ability to expand your horizons with genre-dedicated servers is a welcome feature alongside the ‘vanilla’ free-roam servers for those with less powerful hardware.

Whether you already play on the BeamMP servers or you are brand new to the mod, we want to know: What do you think about BeamMP? Tell us on Twitter Overtake_gg or in the comments below!

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