MotoGP 23 Beginner's guide
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MOTOGP 23 Beginners Guide

The latest iteration of the MotoGP game is out and fans of the series will be anxious to get started. Here’s our beginner’s guide to MotoGP 23 with everything you need to know in your first hours in the game.

The latest Formula One game may be getting all the headlines in recent weeks. But just a few days before F1 23 launched MotoGP 23. This two-wheeled World Championship simulator is certainly an enticing title, especially for those that follow the real-world series.

A yearly release title, this game focuses on this year’s championship and will see a replacement arrive this time next year. But in the meantime, players will be anxious to get up to speed in the 2023 release. With that in mind, here is a beginner’s guide to MotoGP 23 from content to riding and even a few bonus tips.

A MotoGP 23 Content Guide

In MotoGP 23, one can jump on any internal combustion bike from the real world circus. This includes all three series that travel the world on a weekly basis. Each class features its own characteristics which have a major impact on how they race and ride.

The entry-level Moto3 bikes are low-power draft fests and provide a rapid learning curve, perfect for newcomers. With some electronic help from traction control, they are perfect for getting to grips with the game. Furthermore as they are so low on power, they always produce pack races even against the AI.

Moto2 has very little assists
Moto2 has very few assists – Image credit: Milestone

The Moto2 bikes are where power starts getting intense and one must think more about how they’re riding. Getting on the power in this class is a true challenge at every corner given the lack of traction control. But with the MotoGP class up next, making sure you’re able to cope with the stress is important.

Finally, the MotoGP contenders are mindboggling space ships. Although one can theoretically jump on these beasts from day one in-game, it is certainly best to work one’s way up to them. That being said, these top-of-the-range models do benefit from more electronic aids. Traction Control, Anti-Wheelie and the Ride Height device all help the rider stay in control. However, when it comes to the Ride Height Device, it does make for an extra thing to worry about.

By comparison, MotoGP bikes are gadgets with all their electronic aids
By comparison, MotoGP bikes are gadgets with all their electronic aids – Image credit: Milestone

Every manufacturer, team and rider from this year’s running is present in MotoGP 23. So you can have fun controlling your favourite rider. Equally, every track from the 2023 season is in-game making for a long career mode.

MotoGP 23 Game Mode Guide

In fact, the Career Mode was one of the main selling points of the game in the run up to its launch. With an RPG approach, it puts the player in the skin of a real rider thanks to key decision-making moments and varying opponent characteristics depending on how you interact with them.

There is plenty for newcomers to do offline in MotoGP 23
There is plenty for newcomers to do offline in MotoGP 23 – Image credit: Milestone

But this isn’t the only way to play MotoGP 23. In fact, there are several Single Player and Multi Player modes. On the offline front, these include quick races and time trials, full-length championships and a Tutorial mode dubbed MotoGP Academy. Hop online and you can participate in ranked multi player races. In a unique move in the modern gaming scene, a split-screen multi player mode is also available.

In order to stand out on-track, there is a great level of customisation in the game. Many editor modes allow players to alter the appearance of their bike, leathers and helmet with colours, designs and decals.

Use the Practice Sessions

Within many of these game modes, those that feature qualifying, it’s important to run laps in every practice session. In fact, the real-world series pushes riders to set fast laps in Free Practices 1 and 2 by combining a competitor’s best times in each session and putting together a leader board.

From this leader board, the top 10 go through to the final qualifying session. Those remaining outside of the top 10 must battle it out in a first qualifying session in which the two fastest riders go through to the final session. Unfortunately, this rule remains even if one elects not to take part in Free Practice. As a result, those that only want to do qualifying and the race will always risk starting in the bottom half of the grid.

It is almost vital to run Practice sessions in MotoGP 23
It is almost vital to run Practice sessions in MotoGP 23 – Image credit: Milestone

Not only is it important for one’s grid position, but setting laps in practice also allows one to fully learn a track. On bikes, this is all important as braking too late or missing a turn-in point can easily lead to a crash. Dip a tyre onto the grass and you will be sent flying.


To prevent yourself falling off at every corner, there are a number of so-called Neural Assists that are new for MotoGP 23 and perfect for newcomers. To learn more about the best assists in the game, we have a guide here.

3 Wheelie Useful Gameplay Mechanics


Braking is one of the most fundamental mechanics when it comes to MotoGP 23. Using a gamepad to brake can be inconsistent and hard to get used to. Not a problem, here’s a few settings you can use to make sure you’re hitting your braking markers every time you leave the pitlane.

To give you the best stopping power, we found that having your rear brake bound to the square button on the controller (Or Xbox equivalent) was the most natural. whilst having the weight forwards and backwards bound to the left vertical joystick.

The front break disc does 80%-90% of the hard work, making sure you don’t over heat it is essential for consistent breaking.


Creating and fine tuning setups is a major part of sim racing, and it is no different in MotoGP 23. To get the very best out of the bike, setups need to be regularly changed and adapted depending on which circuit you visit.

For example, if you where to compete at Portimão in Portugal you would want to run a hard tyre on the front axle and a medium tyre on the rear. Conversely, move over to Argentina and you would struggle with anything but mediums on both axles over the course of a race distance.

Suspension geometry and fork stiffness is obviously adjusted to bikes. However, if you are coming from a game such as iRacing or rFactor 2 you will most likely be able to make a rough starting setup fairly easily.

How To Make A Great Start

The key aspect of making a good start is diminishing any wheelspin or front axle lift. If your front wheel lifts of the ground and you are still accelerating, you will end up flat on your back.

Keep the front axle pinned to the ground and make a small but noticeable adjustment to the right, then to the left to help your front tyre achieve maximum grip potential. This is especially useful on a rubbered in track.

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