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Forza Horizon 5: Best Cars For Each Class

Forza Horizon 5

Picking the right car for you in any game is difficult. However, several classes exist in Forza Horizon 5, so sorting the best cars from the average ones in each class is a challenge.

Have you ever been racing in Forza Horizon 5 and had a car blast past you despite having a similar performance level? With such a diverse selection of cars in each class, there is an infinite number of competitive possibilities. When you factor in the scope of modifications available in Horizon 5, it seems unlikely that two cars will ever be identical in the game.

That being said, each class certainly has a car or two that will perform best on track. Not having this inside knowledge of the best cars can be frustrating. But that’s why we’re here. From slowest to fastest, here are the best cars in each class for Forza Horizon 5.

Best D Class Car in Forza Horizon 5

With speed being a large force of attraction towards the higher classes, the lower echelons of FH5 lack the love they deserve. The challenge of building a car with the best performance possible whilst sticking to the D class restrictions is very difficult. But it is also very satisfying when you find the perfect combination of weird choices.

The Ford F-450 is a surprisingly good D class car in Forza Horizon 5
The Ford F-450 is a surprisingly good D class car in Forza Horizon 5. Image credit: Playground Games

One combination that seems to work well starts with the use of a very surprising truck. Despite its size, the Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW Platinum 2020 provides an excellent base for circuit racing. In fact, it is thanks to its weight and non-compliance in the corners that one can build it into a straight-line rocket whilst remaining under the D-class limit. Throw a more powerful engine on the thing and you will be fastest on all the straight sections. Furthermore, the diesel torque provides excellent acceleration. So if you’re in need of a D-class drag racer, this must be your go-to.

Elsewhere, D-class throws up some other interesting creations. From 1957, the BMW Isetta 300 is a lightweight three-wheeler that can do well depending on the track. In twisty sections of the FH5 map, not much will keep up with a D-class grip-build bubble car.

If you’re in the market for a car that will do well on any portion of the tarmac, the NA MX-5 may be your best bet. It is light which makes for good acceleration, braking and cornering but doesn’t suffer the Isetta’s lack of top speed.

  • Drag Racing: Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW Platinum 2020
  • Circuit Racing: Tuned BMW Isetta 300
  • All-Rounder: NA Mazda MX-5

Mini goes well in C Class

Much like D class, the next performance window isn’t a competitive field on Forza Horizon 5. Mostly full of hatchbacks, driving in this class is rarely exciting especially when cars are stock. But that doesn’t mean the racing can’t be.

Choose the 2007 Mini Cooper JCW for C class races
Choose the 2007 Mini Cooper JCW for C class races. Image credit: Playground Games

With the right modifications, one car can certainly hold its own. The 2009 Mini Cooper JCW is a very versatile model once modified thanks to a wide range of possibilities. One can build this hot hatch in a variety of ways; from off-road rally specification to circuit racing and even for high-speed point-to-points.

Aside from the Mini, players have found speed in a selection of older Honda Civics as well as a variety of classic 1960s sports cars like the Austin-Healey Sprite and Dodge Charger R/T. But as they are already close to the class limit from stock, tuning these cars will always involve plenty of compromises.

  • Drag Racing: Dodge Charger R/T
  • Circuit Racing: Older Civics & Austin-Healey Sprite
  • All-Rounder: 2009 Mini Cooper JCW

Diversity in B Class

B class is where things start to get serious in Forza Horizon 5. Players can really let their cars fly as power figures reach impressive numbers and the use of tyre compounds involves more freedom.

This is the class where competition is surely at its highest. Those that run lower-class cars with crazy tunes can often keep up with fairly standard cars meaning the possibilities are endless. But there are obviously a few headlining acts worth taking note of.

A first generation Honda Civic is an oldie but goldie for B class FH5 races
A first generation Honda Civic is an oldie but goldie for B class FH5 races. Image credit: Playground Games

On the ridiculously in-depth modifications side of things, players that run a supercharged, engine-swapped 1974 Honda Civic RS tend to do well. This is reportedly the fastest build one can create with a front-wheel drive car. But controlling it is sure to be a challenge.

For those looking to get to the finish without wrestling with their car, a lightly tuned Nissan Pulsar GTI-R is a popular choice. This all-wheel drive hot hatch is excellent off the line and can cope with a large number of ponies under the hood before becoming undrivable.

Others however may try to approach tuning with corners in mind rather than the top end. This is where smaller, rear-wheel drive cars come into play like the Toyota GT86 and ND Mazda MX-5. Focus on grip with aero, weight reduction and tyre compounds and you will find yourself gaining ground on tighter tracks.

This class is all about driving preference. A car that flies through corners but lacks pure straight-line pace can do just as well as a rocket with the turning capabilities of a sunken ship.

Drag Racing: Heavily Tuned 1974 Honda Civic RS

Circuit Racing: Toyota GT86 & ND Mazda MX-5

All-Rounder: Nissan Pulsar GTI-R

How to dominate in Forza Horizon 5 Class A

From here on out, things get a little restrictive. Class A in Forza Horizon 5 is where the best cars must be capable in all areas. Make a car that’s too fast for its own good and you won’t get to the end of a race without missing a checkpoint. Miss out on the benefits of a faster stock car and you won’t have the pace to challenge. It’s all about finding the middle ground.

The Boneshaker is often dubbed a 'meta' A Class racer
The Boneshaker is often dubbed a ‘meta’ A Class racer. Image credit: Playground Games

Many FH5 players will know about the dominance of the Hot Wheels Boneshaker. This fictional creation was released with the Hot Wheels Expansion. It is fastest of all on the straights, accelerates like nothing else and does just enough in the corners to keep its advantage. With skinny front wheels, its balance is very safe providing much of its grip from the rear so you won’t be spinning off track.

Very few can contend with this car, but intricately and smartly built JDM icons like the FD Mazda RX7 and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R can get close. If your Boneshaker driving competitor messes up, these are the cars that will allow you to pick up the scraps.

Drag Racing: Hot Wheels Boneshaker

Circuit Racing: Hot Wheels Boneshaker

All Rounder: FD Mazda RX7 & R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Getting Serious in S1

Forza Horizon 5 features a pair of car classes marked ‘S’. These are where the out-and-out supercars reside. Here, built hatchbacks and saloons are no longer competitive. To do well here, you’ll need a sleek coupe with plenty of power, significant aero and buckets of low-speed grip.

One model many suggest online is the Jaguar XJR-15. Some light modifications to this homologation special will put you towards the front of the FH5 S1 class. But, there are many other options that could give you results.

A homologation car to a racer that never competed, the XJR-15 is a legend
A homologation car to a racer that never competed, the XJR-15 is a legend. Image credit: Playground Games

The 2005 Ford GT often shows up in all-wheel drive form in tighter circuit events. But traditionally, the more exotic a car, the more successful it will be. The likes of the Honda NSX-R GT and Lotus Elise GT1 both stack up nicely alongside the Jaguar.

If you want to do something a bit different, a maxed-out, LS-swapped Ford Focus RS will reach the dizzying heights of the S1 class with 900 performance points. Reaching the top of the S1 class with this sinful creation is one thing. Getting results is another.

Drag Racing: LS Swapped Ford Focus RS

Circuit Racing: AWD 2005 Ford GT

All-Rounder: Jaguar XJR-15

Fastest Cars in Forza Horizon 5

Whilst S1 is for supercars, S2 is very much the hypercar class. Models like the Mercedes CLK GTR, brands such as Bugatti and engines of over a dozen cylinders is what you need to win. But with huge power, low weight and a lack of drag for the near-400kmh top speeds, it’s not necessarily the fastest car that takes top honours. In S2 class, the best car is often the one that handles the best.

The Mosler MT 900 is one of the best S1 cars in Forza Horizon 5
The Mosler MT 900 is one of the best S1 cars in Forza Horizon 5. Image credit: Playground Games

According to many forums, that model has to be the Mosler MT900. This little-known supercar brand of the early 2000s built one of the best-looking supercars of its time, the MT900. Flowing Le Mans Prototype-esque lines and a tuneful V8 engine make this car a looker. But it also uses that racecar shape to create a lot of downforce, sticking its wheels to the road.

Alongside the albeit faster but more challenging Koenigsegg CCGT, the Mosler is certainly a car that will get you consistent results regardless of the track layout. It may not complete a standing quarter mile in as short a time as other cars in class. But it provides the perfect compromise between speed and driveability and that is what the top classes in Forza Horizon 5 are all about.

Drag Racing: Mercedes CLK GTR

Circuit Racing: 2010 Mosler MT900

All-Rounder: 2010 Mosler MT900

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