The best Thrustmaster T300RS settings in Automobilista 2
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Best Thrustmaster T300RS Wheel Settings for AMS 2

AMS 2 recently got a sizeable update which alters its physics, here are the best wheel settings for a Thrustmaster T300RS in Automobilista 2 version 1.5.

The most recent update to Automobilista 2 introduces a number of hefty physics and handling improvements. New tyre behaviour, better aerodynamic simulation and more in-depth surface grip means the feeling through one’s wheel is sure to be different.

As a result, it may well be time to re-visit your wheel settings in AMS2. Perfecting each slider to put out a brilliant feeling of what the car is doing, here are the best wheel settings for the Thrustmaster T300RS in Automobilista 2.

Thrustmaster Control Panel

Before jumping into AMS2 to tweak your settings, you must open the Thrustmaster control panel. This is where one can alter the wheel’s firmware to better suit the game’s needs and quirks. To ensure you have a correct base for your AMS2 wheel settings, open your T300RS advanced settings in the Thrustmaster Control Panel.

These settings work well with most games, including AMS 2
These settings work well with most games, including AMS 2

Here, you will find a number of sliders allowing you to tweak the settings. The page will also ensure your wheel is working as it should. In order to get a great feeling from the simulator, we recommend the following settings.

Overall Strength100%
Auto-CentreBy the game

Set the majority of settings in the Control Panel to 100% as this will work well with most games. Essentially, it provides full control the settings of each title to alter the wheel’s behaviour. Just the Spring setting is set to 0% here.

T300RS Configuration in AMS2

Once your Control Panel settings are ready, it’s time to open the game. Before trying to jump on track to test out the default settings, one must configure their Thrustmaster T300RS in AMS2. This simply allows the game to recognise the wheel and its many input ranges.

Configure your Thrustmaster T300RS for AMS2
Configure your Thrustmaster T300RS for AMS2 – Image credit: Reiza Studios

The most important sliders in this menu are the Sensitivity settings which must be set to a rather off 50%. In fact, the figures in this page are somewhat confusing with 100% effectively representing an exponential input curve. At 50%, this shows up as a linear input.

It is also important here to dial out any dead zones which can harm one’s driving experience. However, these will be unique to each wheel, depending on their age and condition. Finally, the Analogue Inputs In Menu setting is best set to Off in AMS2 for wheels. This is mostly for controllers for those that use joysticks in menus rather than D-pads.

Automobilista 2 Best FFB Settings

Finally, it’s time to dial in one’s Force Feedback settings. These will help to feel what the car is doing and where the edge of grip is. However, it does require a lengthy tweaking procedure to get them to one’s preference. These settings may not be perfectly tuned for all racers, depending on their prior sim racing experience.

The best force feedback wheel settings in AMS2
The best force feedback wheel settings in AMS2 – Image credit: Reiza Studios

Those that enjoy the feedback from Assetto Corsa and iRacing will most likely enjoy these. However, they are something of a compromise as they are all about avoiding clipping of higher gain rates. That is why we set our Gain value to just 70%. For the Low Force Boost, a weighty feel comes at 55% and the FX slider which accentuates the front end feel among other things feels good at 95%. Given the Control Panel’s 100% Damping value, we set it to 0% in-game.

Low Force Boost55%
Menu Spring Strength0%

The rest of the settings come down to personal preference. The Menu Spring Strength is set to 0% in our settings. However, a greater value will help keep the wheel in the right direction when the game is on pause. Finally, the FFB Type will require some testing for each player. We found that the Default profile felt good, but many also enjoy the Default+. Set this to Custom and you can download third party profiles from the internet.

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