Guide: Best Controller Settings For WRC

The Best Controller Settings for EA Sports WRC


WRC 23 is finally here! Hence we want to make sure that you are not left in the dust when it comes to your optimal settings on gamepad. Here are the best controller settings for WRC we have found so far.

Everything about Deadzones, Linearity and Button Layout is coming up now when we give you a quick overview on the best controller settings for EA Sports WRC. WRC games have a lot of history with gamepad users. Players on handheld devices can achieve amazing times with the right settings. However, now that Codemasters has taken over, some things have changed in terms of the overall feeling. So how does that affect gamepad settings?

EA Sports WRC - The Action is on!

Deadzones and Saturation

The first step is understanding what the setting terms really mean. To see all the settings, first move into the controls menu, select your device and look at the bindings. Here one can see Deadzone and Saturation sliders.

Apply Deadzone to prevent unwanted shifts in momentum


A Deadzone is a non-responsive area around the center of a stick. The higher the value you choose here, the later the game will respond to your inputs. Since sudden movements or inputs can lead to unwanted shifts in momentum in-game, a heavy input on the throttle can theoretically cause a spin. And if you are prone to that, adjusting the Deadzone may be right for you.

Deadzone can help to achieve a less snappy and more controllable car handling.

The deadzone finds even more application in controller-based gameplay. So how should you adjust the pad in EA Sports WRC? Here are our recommendations for the best controller settings in-game:

  • Steering: 10-20
  • Throttle: 5-10
  • Brake: 0
  • Handbrake: 0


Saturation lets you adjust the range of input available. As we do not see a world in which one would want less saturated inputs, we recommend leaving it at the maximum, i.e. 100 %.

WRC 23: Advanced Controller Settings

In the Advanced Options you can set the Steering Sensitivity and Steering Linearity. Following our recommended settings for these, you should be able to run every rally in a smooth way.

Steering Sensitivity

Steering Sensitivity tells you how much the wheel response to your joystick inputs. A lower value here will require more aggressive stick inputs in order to see results, and vice versa. As much as we want to prevent snappy and hyper-responsive cornering in EA Sports WRC, we did find a value between 55 and 65 to fit best with the aforementioned Deadzone.

WRC- Set steering sensitivity and linearity to fine-tune your inputs.
Set steering sensitivity and linearity to fine-tune your inputs.

Steering Linearity

While more control is great for lower speed corners, in high speed sections, you will want to be more consistent. Therefore, Steering Linearity comes into play. Steering Linearity is the relatoin between the steering wheel and your inputs. In other words, it tells you how much the wheel in-game turns in comparison to your input on controller.

Adding to the linearity value, adds a sort of delay between input and steering wheel. Though it is not very natural to want a delay, here it makes sense. Because going with zero linearity will take you a lot of patience to not completely melt down at every corner. Hence, for most situations a value around 3 or 4 is reasonable.

WRC Best Controller Settings: Vibration and Button Layout

The last area we want to tackle upon is Vibration and Button Layout. Vibration and Force Feedback are really nice in EA Sports WRC – even too nice at some points.


While we would definitely advise you to leave them turned on, you can of course tone them down to perhaps 80 %. Thus you will still feel everything and have enough fun, but it will be less distracting and more consistent for your driving. At most Tire Slip can be left at 100 or even more as that can truly give you more of a feeling over the car.

WRC Best Controller Settings - Tyre Slip

WRC Controller Settings: Button Layout

In terms of bindings we find the standard button layout to be pretty good. However, there is one thing we recommend to change. We find the gear shifts to be better fitted on the RB and LB buttons (for Xbox pads), or L1 and R1 (for PlayStation controllers). The reason for that is that the handbrake should always be on the action buttons. If you leave upshift/downshift on those as well, you will mostly likely run into some tricky hand positions during your rally adventures.

WRC Best Controller Settings - Button Layout

Also check out our video review of EA Sports WRC, where we talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this new title in detail. For all info on the new flagship rally game, head over to our dedicated game section.

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