F1 2020 guide: How to set up your car

F1 2020 guide: How to set up your car

F1 Esports driver Cem Bolukbasi breaks down how to prepare your car for every track in our guide.

Racing in Formula 1 is about perfection. But the race already starts before the green lights. A perfect setup is key to victory. F1 Esports driver Cem Bölükbaşı gives you suggestions on how to adjust your car in F1 2020.

Preparation is everything

There are many different components of a Formula 1 car that can be tweaked. Cem talks you through each aspect and teaches you which impact the changes will have on your drive.

But car setup is dependent on many individual factors such as the track and your driving style. On a track like Monaco you will need a lot of grip and downforce. At Monza you want to sacrifice all of this for maximum speed. Our tutorial will give you the knowledge you need to prepare your car for each situation.

Also, Cem prepared a setup for you which will immediately improve your lap times compared to the default one. Begin with this setup and customize it to your needs with your newly attained knowledge. Then you will find the perfect setup for each track in F1 2020.

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