F1 2020 My Team guide: The perfect start

F1 2020 My Team guide: The perfect start

We guide you through the most important starting decisions of the new game mode.My Team is the flagship of the new F1 2020 game. The feature allows you to build your own team from scratch and lead it to the top of Formula 1. Like in a race, a good start is very important in My Team as well. Our guide will teach you how to pave your way to F1 glory.

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Let there be cash

Your journey into the premier class of motorsport begins with three pivotal decisions. First, you must choose a primary sponsor to cover your early investments. Each sponsor will offer you a signing bonus which you will initially receive.

They will provide you with a weekly income as well. Each sponsor also has certain goals they want you to reach. The more difficult the goals, the more money you receive upon fulfilling them.

choosing a sponsor
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We recommend choosing a sponsor with a high signing bonus and weekly income. This will help you to build a solid foundation. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. There is enough time to aim for high goals later in the career.

Who will power you?

As a next step, you must pick one out of four engine suppliers for your team. Ferrari’s and Mercedes’ power unit come with great durability and performance. Honda and Renault are definitely the weaker engines but are also less of a drain on your pocket.

The thought of getting a Mercedes or Ferrari unit might be alluring. However, you still need to invest into many other aspects of your team, so we recommend not to use the expensive engines.

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That means you have to choose between Renault and Honda. Renault will offer you more durability and performance initially, but also costs $400,000 more, which is still a lot in the beginning.

The choice of your engine must be aligned to your driver decision. There is no way to get the better engine and the best driver on the market. You have to plan which part is more important to you and adjust your spending.

pick one out of four engine suppliers
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From our perspective, getting a decent team-mate who will help you to develop your car is more important in the beginning. We have also seen the Honda engine catching up to the other units pretty fast in our game throughs. Therefore, we recommend to go with the Japanese supplier.

Picking your partner

The more money you spend on the power unit, the less you can invest into your team-mate, which is the third pivotal choice. You’re able to promote an F2 driver from the 2019 season to your team.

Each driver has an overall rating as well as four sub-ratings for certain traits. These are experience, racecraft, awareness and pace.


The better the traits and the overall rating of the driver, the more expensive their contract. At the beginning of My Team, you’ll want to have a driver with good experience and pace ratings. That is because more experienced drivers will earn you more Resource Points. Those can be spent on vehicle updates and will improve your car faster. This is the most important factor you should be looking at.

A good pace rating is also important because it means your driver will nail faster lap times. A fast team-mate at the beginning is quite important, because he is more likely to have a shot at a good qualifying and race result.

Mick Shuhmacher
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Of course, racecraft and awareness should be considered as well. However, these factors are not as important as the other two. Our favorite picks for starters are Jack Aitken, Mick Schumacher and Nyck de Vries.

Show the world who you are

After choosing its color scheme and style, you present your team to the public. You will meet F1 journalist Will Buxton for an interview that can impact your early game considerably.

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Say positive things about your team and don’t brag too much right from the start. Especially the question about which department you are most proud of is very important. Your answer will give that department a significant development boost.

Whatever you plan to develop first on your car, make sure to point out that certain department in the interview.

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Distributing the money

Unlike any other game mode in the F1 games, My Team is a lot about management. While it is important to improve the car, you must also focus on marketing to procure the required money to keep the business running. Investing into personnel will keep your drivers competitive.

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At the beginning, it is important to fill every day of the calendar with an activity to get things going. Try to have a good balance between all departments.

Autofill Activities
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If you’re not a fan of managing or you sometimes don’t know what to do, there is also an “Autofill Activities” button to show you the next step.

Will a new team-mate bring you to the top?

There is a lot to do and to consider at the start of a My Team career. But as the game progresses, it’s always important to keep the next season in mind.

Watch the progress of your team-mate. You must decide whether you want to keep or drop him early in the season in order to explore options with other drivers. Always keep an eye on the driver market to see who might become a free agent.


Some of the best value-for-money picks in the early seasons of your team are Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez.

You should keep in mind that drivers can retire in F1 2020. Getting a super-experienced F1 veteran on your team might be a collaboration that won’t last too long.

Racing decides about success

Your results on track will also play a huge part in the game. They will decide whether new sponsors want to support your team financially. The best drivers will only join you if you show them that your car is able to win championships.

Source: Codemasters / Koch Media

In the end, My Team is a lot about management. But whether your team will be successful or not, will be still decided on track.


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