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F1 23 Beginner’s Guide: Getting Started

F1 23

The new F1 game is one of the biggest releases of the year so far and will attract many new players looking to get started in sim racing. Here’s a beginner’s guide to F1 23.

EA Sports’ latest release in the Formula One game series is out this week. F1 23 has been available to Champions Edition holders for a few days now and opens to the wider F1 community on Friday 16 June. With reviews currently looking strong for the latest title, expect to see many new faces in the F1 racing environment.

Of course, with new faces comes plenty of inexperience. But if you are looking to get your hands on the new game, do not worry about the learning curve, we have you covered. Here is a beginner’s guide for any new F1 23 players making their first steps in the series.

Before you hit the track, it is important to make sure your force feedback and wheel are working well. We posted a guide to setting the Logitech G29 up on F1 23 this week, feel free to check that before continuing with your Formula One journey.

Important F1 23 Button Mappings

Formula One cars are very complicated beasts. They feature high-tech engines, incomprehensible hybrid systems, amazing levels of aerodynamics and tyres that require more care than a new-born baby. With that in mind, there are plenty of buttons one needs to have at their disposal whilst driving the cars.

Thankfully however, much of the on-the-fly tweaking one needs to do is accessible via the MFD – multi-function display. This is a HUD element at the bottom right of the screen which can cycle through various panels. These show anything from damage levels to pitstop strategy and car settings. The latter two of which often need changing during a race.

The Multi-Function Display requires several button mappings
The Multi-Function Display requires several button mappings. Image credit: EA Sports

Therefore, the most important buttons to map, aside from the throttle, brake and steering, are the MFD-related buttons. Whilst mapping them is important, remembering where they are is perhaps more so. The same can be said for the DRS and Overtake buttons which players often hit multiple times a lap.

Which Driving Assists Should You Use In F1 23?

Despite the complex nature of the sport, the F1 games are very accessible to new players. Traditionally, the handling physics have been approachable for all levels of experience. Furthermore, there are countless driving aids to help learn the ropes.

The game will display a racing line on the track surface if you ask it to. It can also help out with the more intricate systems of an F1 car. ABS prevents lock ups and traction control helps you to avoid spinning the rear wheels. More specific systems exist like ERS assist, an aid designed to help with hybrid usage throughout a race.

Whilst these various driving assists are helpful to beginners, we at Overtake often recommend not touching them. They may allow one to get up to speed quickly. But when it comes to outright pace, they are more of a hinderance than a help.

F1 23 beginner's guide to driving assists
F1 23 beginner’s guide to driving assists. Image credit: EA Sports

A racer able to manage throttle control, brake application and ERS settings themselves will most likely be faster than one that needs assists to do so. Furthermore, as you learn the game’s quirks with assists, you will rapidly become dependant on them. If you decide to turn them off later on down the line, you may find it more difficult to get going again.

If jumping in at the deep end doesn’t sound like fun to you, you can always opt for a middle-ground solution. For instance, you can turn the traction control to medium, or ask the game to suggest the correct gear for each corner as you approach it.

First Steps On Track

Now that your buttons are correctly mapped and you are running the right assists, it’s time to hit the track. Now, you could easily load up an online session and get outdriven by other racers. But to keep an up-beat mentality in-game, it’s best to start out easy. This generally refers to an empty practice session offline.

To load up an offline session, visit the F1 World screen and set up either a Grand Prix or Time Trial session. If you choose to run a GP, make sure to give yourself plenty of running in practice. This will make sure you are familiar with the 1000-horsepower cars, high levels of aero and even learn the track.

Jump in a Grand Prix practice session when first trying out F1 23
Jump in a Grand Prix practice session when first trying out F1 23. Image credit: EA Sports

Speaking of the track, it’s best to start out on one you know or one that is easy to learn. In F1 23, the easiest circuits to start out on have to be the likes of Austria with its low number of corners or Monza with its long straights. Take as much as you need time learning the game’s unique quirks in this first GP session before moving on.

F1 23 Game Modes Guide

Once you’re up to speed in F1 23, it’s time to explore what the game has to offer. There are many game modes to try out both offline and online. But in this beginner’s guide to F1 23, we’re going to focus on the most accessible for those starting out.

In fact, the hyper competitive world of F1 Esports – or F1 Sim Racing as the new game calls it – may not be up everyone’s alley. The same is certainly true for the ranked multiplayer modes available in F1 World. However, normal open lobbies are still accessible for those that want a bit of online fun without the hassle of practice, ratings and results.

Braking Point 2 is one of many game modes in F1 23
Braking Point 2 is one of many game modes in F1 23. Image credit: EA Sports

For a more relaxed, entertaining time, the offline story mode Braking Point caters to the desires of the Drive To Survive fanbase. Take part in a scenario-based career as you complete a drama-filled story line.

Elsewhere, the F1 My Team and Career modes put you in the seat of a real F1 driver and team boss. Manage your career as you rise through the ranks of the sport. Achieve impressive results to capture the attention of other teams and hope to one day become the F1 World Champion.

Aside from the in-depth modes, players can jump in to custom Grand Prix events, championships and time trials. Like much of the custom content in the game, this is available through the many menus hidden in F1 World. Make sure to check out our guide on this later this week.

What advice would you give to beginners in F1 23? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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