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F1 23 My Team Guide: How To Get Started

F1 23

If you want to join Sir Jack Brabham as an owner/driver F1 world champion, here’s your guide on how to get started in F1 23‘s My Team career mode.

Starting in F1 2020, players could try their hand at not only driving for, but also managing, their own F1 team. Players could paint the cars in their chosen colours, negotiate sponsorship deals and signing drivers whether they be legends of the sport like Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna or promising F2 rookies like Felipe Drugovich and Théo Pourchaire.

That continues in F1 23, with the career mode having more layers than your standard driver career. There is a lot you have to think about before you even turn a wheel in My Team. So here is what you have to take into consideration when you’re pursuing the ultimate dream of joining Jack Brabham as an owner/driver champion.

A list in F1 23 stating Newcomer, Midfield Challenger and Championship Contender.
What entry point will you be starting out with? Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

F1 23 My Team: Using Resources Wisely

Before diving in, you have the choice as to whereabouts you want to fall within the field. Many players may want to earn their way to the front, whilst others will want to be fighting for the championship straight away. However you want to do it, F1 23 offers three entry points.

For those wanting to climb the ladder of glory and go from tailender to frontrunner over time, there’s ‘Newcomer’. For the player who wants to realistically score points at least, ‘Midfield Challenger’ is the entry point for them. Lastly, those aiming to win races from the word go can select ‘Championship Contender’.

The difference in entry point grants you more money to spend. This can go towards engine supplier, upgrading facilities and hiring certain teammates. Newcomer provides no extra money and you have to rely solely on your title sponsor’s signing bonus for your resources, whereas Championship Contender gives a tasty extra $10M to play with.

A list of options in F1 23 for the career mode.
Manage your Career Settings to change how it affects outcomes. Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

If you want to tip the scales in favour of yourself or the opponents, you can do this in Career Settings. If you want to increase cash and resource rates for your team, you are able to do so.

For example: if you are playing to quickly win the championship immediately, you can turn the player rates to increased. But if you want to make it very difficult and rewarding, turn the player rates to decreased and the AI rates to increased. You may reach your development peak ten seasons in. So if you have the time and motivation, go for it!

Choosing Carefully

Next you will have options for sponsor, engine supplier and teammate. Sponsors are paramount to what you are able to select with the latter two options, more so depending on the entry point you went with.

The signing bonus will contribute to immediate cash on hand. But it would be quite easy to just pick the sponsor that has the biggest signing bonus, and not check the goal bonus objective.

There will be sponsors that request you get so many top five finishes in a season, which may not be possible. Sponsors and goal bonuses will differ depending on your entry point so make sure you read it carefully.

A menu in F1 23 choosing a sponsor, engine supplier and teammate.
Who will be your sponsor, engine supplier and teammate in F1 23 My Team? Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

Now for the power unit, and the choice is between Renault, Honda.. oops we mean ‘Red Bull Powertrains’, Ferrari and Mercedes. They go in order of expense, with Renault costing $2.5M, RBPT going for $3.1M, Ferrari will be $3.3M and Mercedes is $3.5M.

The two stats to take into consideration are Performance and Durability, with Renault and Ferrari both on 81 Durability but the latter has the best base Performance with 94. Mercedes is only one Performance point behind RBPT but has by far the best Durability. This will depend on your available cash, but Mercedes would be our recommendation for a power unit considering you want to be finishing races but have decent performance.

Now for teammates. If you pre-ordered the game, there will be a load of historically significant drivers, recent F1 dropouts and even Braking Point 2 characters available to you. If you didn’t select the championship contender entry point though, forget signing Schumacher or Senna. You will need a lot of money to sign them.

Four lots of drivers in OverTake coloured driver suits in a menu on F1 23.
Who will be bringing Crashtor back after eight seasons away? Image credit: Codemasters / EA

All the drivers have their own unique stats which will impact their performance. Their overall rating is an overall average of their stats, but make sure you’re not sacrificing any one stat. Awareness for example is paramount, you will want your teammate to hold their line in wheel to wheel combat with an opponent without making contact.

Ultimately, whoever you decide on is your call. But if you want a strong driver for not much money, Drugovich and Pourchaire are perhaps the best choices. If you have the money though, why not sign Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna? Yes it’s probably immersion breaking having them in there, but they can deliver the results.

Ready to Go

Now you’ve got everything and are ready to begin. There are plenty of other elements to factor in when you do start. How best to use the time between races, when to upgrade facilities, what to prioritise, it’s all very complex. But that’s just par for the course for running a team.

A menu showing an OverTake livery car with two people either side in OverTake themed overalls.
How will your team look when you’re ready to race? Image credit: Codemasters / EA

How will you be starting your F1 23 My Team career mode? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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