Break your chains: Driving without assists

Break your chains: Driving without assists

F1 Esports driver Cem Bolukbasi explains how to drive without driving aids in any racing sim.

Photo credit: imago images / Motorsport Images

Driving aids are the digital carrying wheel of any rookie sim racer. While you still have to learn about the feeling of the game or a new car, aids can be tremendously helpful. They prevent your car from spinning or brakes from blocking and you being frustrated. But every driver has to remove their carrying wheels someday to reach their full potential. F1 Esports professional Cem Bölükbaşı shows you why and how in our tutorial video.

Do it yourself: Overcoming the technical limitations

While driving aids like braking assists or traction control help you to keep control of your car in most situations, they also decrease your speed during acceleration and your braking power. Automatic shift also turns your braking down by shifting way too slow. So, once you feel confident with a game, you should start turning all of those aids down, step by step.

Beat yourself, lap by lap

Cem recommends to drive a hot lap on a certain track with all driving aids turned on. After that you turn one assist of your choice down or off and challenge your ghost. Once you have beaten your previous time, turn the assist off completely. Repeat the same procedure with another aid. After a time, you learn to drive without any aids fluently.

Last, you should get rid of the ideal racing line. It doesn’t necessarily affect your driving, but the line is sometimes drawn a little too carefully. Often you can brake much later as the aid recommends. By following other markers in the surrounding area, you can find your perfect ace on your own. As so often in sports, getting better is mostly a question of patience and commitment.

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