The best wheels to use for F1 2020 with James Baldwin

The Best Wheels for F1 2020 with James Baldwin

No matter if Logitech or FANATEC. James Baldwin talks about the best wheels for F1 2020.

Photo credit: Koch Media

Many esports enthusiasts have asked themselves what to get in terms of racing equipment. Maybe you have even asked yourself the same. Especially in F1 2020, the right wheel can go a long way when it comes to lap times and performance. For you to make the right choice, we asked F1 esports pro driver and winner of the show World’s Fastest Gamer, James Baldwin to tell us which wheels are best suited to F1 2020.

When the price is right

The first choice is that of price when it comes to wheels. Some more beginner-friendly wheels like the Logitech G920 are reasonably affordable at around $300. It provides a lot of what is desired for someone who doesn’t own a wheel yet. As a first product, it definitely seems like the right choice. It’s a solid base and good place to start.

For more experienced drivers, many other options come into play. James recommends the FANATEC CSL Elite Racing F1 Esports. It provides the most pleasant choice in terms of handling and material. An F1 esports type rim is mainly superior to closed wheels because of its build. The open-wheel allows the hands to be closer to the motor, which makes for faster reaction times in the end.


Dedicated pedals go hand in hand with the right wheel. Like with wheels, many differences can be observed in the amount of money pedals cost. The pedals of Logitech, Thrustmaster, and similar brands all rely on the so-called load cell technology. It calculates the brake pressure as opposed to the usual brake distance, which makes it easier to control how strongly you want to brake. Usually, all pedals can be operated with socks, but high-end options that imitate real-life require shoes for pain-free driving.

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