Gran Turismo 7: Best Fanatec GT DD Pro configurations

GT7: Best Fanatec GT DD Pro Configuration Guide

Here are our suggestions for mapping all the buttons on your Fanatec GT DD Pro on Gran Turismo 7.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital / Fanatec

Direct drive, the big new buzz word in the sim racing space. Previously seen as unattainable for the casual sim racer, leading direct drive hardware brand Fanatec made the steps to ensure a wider demographic of people can get their hands on a direct drive wheel.

Fanatec’s move to create less powerful selection of wheels at a lower price point has opened their products up to plenty of console racing gamers. The Fanatec GT DD Pro was developed along with Polyphony Digital, and has proven an immense success among many keen console racing game players.

With all the new buttons at your disposal, what are the best configurations for the GT DD Pro? Read on to find out

Gran Turismo 7 Configuration: One simple change

Just like with our Logitech G29 tutorial, open up the game and head to World Map, go to the top left corner and select it to open up ‘Options‘. Once the menu opens up, click R1 to find yourself in the ‘Controllers‘ section, and the GT DD Pro is on the top row at the furthest to the right.

Thankfully, unlike the Logitech, you don’t have to choose between indicators and a reliable MFD selection. There isn’t a loose adjustment dial like on the Logitech wheel that sometimes does its job and sometimes not, in its place are four dedicated analog sticks, each with a set colour around it.

The green stick adjusts fuel mapping, blue adjusts traction control, red is brake bias and the yellow is for distribution of power between the front and rear wheels on appropriate all-wheel drive cars. However, there’s one glaring oversight to do with the Multi-Functional Display.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Those options aren’t the only things you use the MFD for. It also includes the likes a birdseye track map, sector times, a proximity radar (which a lot of players default to) and new for Gran Turismo 7, a weather radar to help tell when and where the rain is coming in. So what should you do?

Well you could sacrifice the indicators if you wanted to be able to go both ways up and down the MFD, but if you wanted to keep them then we advise instead assigning one of the two directions for the MFD to the Up button, which uses the same analog stick as looking left, right or behind.

By default, this button is only useful in time trial if you wanted to toggle between turning on a ghost car. It’s safe to say that this won’t be needed by a majority of players so it’s a small sacrifice.

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