Gran Turismo 7: Best Logitech G29 Wheel Settings

Gran Turismo 7: Best Logitech G29 Wheel Settings

Gran Turismo 7

Here are our suggestions for getting the button mapping right with your Logitech G29 or G923 on Gran Turismo 7.

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It’s perhaps a safe bet to say that when it comes to console sim racing, the majority of wheel users have a Logitech, whether that be a G29 or a G923. The entry level sim racing hardware developers have held this distinction for years with their efficient but affordable wheels and pedals.

Other developers have joined them in recent years like Thrustmaster and more recently Fanatec, both of whom provide more advanced but still relatively affordable hardware.

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So when you load into the game, what are the assignments you should enable for the best experience? Here’s what you need to do.

Change button functions

When you load up the game and enter into World Map, go to the far top left corner and scroll down to ‘Options‘. Press R1 to go to the ‘Controllers‘ section and you will find options for a range of wheels such as the Thrustmaster T-GT, T300RS, T150 and T80 as well as Fanatec GT DD Pro and CSL Elite. The option for a Logitech G29/G923 is right at the bottom, you can’t miss it.

Once you do open it, you will find that the button assignements are already nearly perfect, you won’t need to be doing much changing. However we would suggest making one important change.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

What you will want to do is swap out the functions for L2 and R2 from indicators to the ‘MFD Down’ for L2 and ‘MFD Up’ for R2. This function is assigned to the Adjustment Dial by default. The Adjustment Dial is the way you can change the Traction Control, Fuel Map, Brake Bias and Torque Vectoring in all-wheel drive cars. However, it’s not reliable.

All too often, you can be in a race and you click over to the function you need on your Multi Function Display and try to change Traction Control in a hurry. You twist it and sometimes it just doesn’t work, and you panic because you may need it on in that moment so you turn it more aggressively and it goes up to more than you desire.

So what we suggest for a more precise application of adjustments in the MFD is to use the L2 and R2 buttons. Therefore you can simply press them once and the inputs you need are exact. Yes you won’t be able to use indicators, but we imagine the average player will not care too much for the indicators if it helps them make more precise inputs on their MFD.

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