How to earn money fast in Gran Turismo 7

How to earn money fast in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

Getting a new game and playing it constantly to earn a lot of in-game money, name a more iconic duo. With Gran Turismo 7 launching, here’s how players to earn the most money.

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It hasn’t taken many players long to realise that money is rather difficult to come by in Gran Turismo 7. So we decided to put together a guide to not only help players make money, but also have some fun whilst they do it.

Method One: Most money

We heavily advise playing through all of the campaign, including completing objectives from the GT Café and sitting through Luca’s endless anecdotes about the cars. To progress through the campaign, you will need to unlock the Fishermans Ranch dirt track which can be done by completing Menu Book 36 (which is pretty close to the end of the campaign).

You will also require a Gr.B rally car, which you can pick up by either completing Menu Book 37 or getting an International License A in the licence tests. Then you can get to work.

Compete at Fishermans Ranch in Gr.B cars to get the most money. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

The race to load up is called ‘Dirt Champions’, it will take roughly three and a half minutes to complete the single lap of Fishermans Ranch and all that needs to be done is beat one other competitor. Providing you don’t try to torpedo the AI, the race winning amount will be just short of 100,000 credits. That translates to somewhere in the region of 1,700,000 credits per hour!

That’s an absolutely incredible amount. But if you start to get fed up of driving Fishermans Ranch, here’s how to add some variety without losing too much money.

Method Two: More fun

One alternative is to keep entering into the World GT Series Championship which, once completed, will officially end the campaign. In this series, players will compete against the AI who will race Gr.3 cars, and the cars cannot exceed 800 Performance Points.

In this series, five of the best tracks in Gran Turismo 7 can be raced on. Four of these are real world circuits in the forms of Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans, Mount Panorama and the Nürburgring 24 hours circuit. There’s also a classic Gran Turismo original known as Deep Forest Raceway, which has been modified slightly from its previous iteration but now features an incredible flatout downhill section on the run-up to the finish line.

Players will compete on some of the best tracks in the game. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Each race will earn you 60,000 credits before a clean race bonus will boost it up to 90,000. Considering you’ll be starting last, navigating your way around the infamously poor Gran Turismo AI will be quite the task.

This will be a particularly prevalent issue on both Mount Panorama and the Nürburgring circuits where it’s particularly impossible to navigate around the other cars. Also keep an eye out for the last corner on the Le Mans track, where the AI tend to come to a grinding halt.

After the championship finishes, not only will you have earned a maximum of 450,000 by winning every race with a clean race bonus, but for winning the championship overall, you can also earn a further 150,000. So, while this is not as efficient as the Fishermans Ranch race, it’ll probably be a lot more enjoyable over extensive periods.

Pick your poison and begin the grind to get a lot of money to buy the most desirable vehicles.

UPDATE 17/03/2022: It would appear Polyphony have vastly reduced payouts to races, the Dirt Champions race on Fishermans Ranch at the very least.

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