DIRT 5: How to break highscores in Gymkhana

DIRT 5: How to break highscores in Gymkhana

DIRT 5‘s Gymkhana is the best place to stretch a driver’s limits – this is how to do so effectively.

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The newest addition to Codemaster’s infamous DIRT franchise has been available since November 6 and truly offers a lot to fans of off-road racing. With the map editor Playgrounds at its base, the game mode Gymkhana gives drivers the opportunity to max out their car handling and take on exciting challenges. However, the mode can be a little overwhelming at first, so here are some tips on how to get the highest scores possible on any Gymkhana course:

Know your obstacle

The different types of obstacles on Gymkhana courses also demand different stunts from drivers. While blue obstacles just require you to regularly drive through them, the yellow ones will only score points if completed while drifting. Green donut objects require you to circle around them to score the highest points, but are naturally the hardest to complete. On the other end of the spectrum, purple obstacles are for spinning and are fairly easy to complete if you follow the secret tip we reveal in our tutorial video.

A car wisely chosen

Getting used to the handling of your car and fully understanding how it reacts to certain impulses takes a lot of time. But fear not: in addition to some natural training, the Tricksteer option in the driving aids menu will help you improve your drifting and keep the car stable in no time. Besides that, your rides in DIRT 5 are divided into different handling classes in the main menu. With S being the most responsive and easily handled class, C- or B-ranks require a lot more minute steering and throttle adjustments. In conclusion: knowing which cars you can handle and a ton of practice are the safest ways to gain maximum points!

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