How to find the right tire pressure

How to find the right tire pressure

iRacing champ Max Benecke explains how your car setup affects your game.

You consistently hit your fastest lap time and you cannot figure out what’s missing to improve? Then stay tuned and listen to iRacing world champion Max Benecke. The German explains in this tutorial how to get better times by adjusting your tire pressure.

Tire pressure: an underestimated factor

Tires are a universal component that is often being overlooked in terms of tuning your car. However, calling their impact as considerable would be an understatement. In the tutorial, Max talks about the pros and cons of higher tire pressure. While higher pressure equals less rolling resistance, your tires lose grip which can be problematic when you drive tracks with many tight corners. Hence Max’ advice: Find a perfect balance!

In general, you should adapt your car setup, especally your tires, to each single track. Circuits are unique, therefore making specific customizations and experimenting with them is in order. If you want to know more about tire pressures and how static and dynamic height of your chassis impacts your time, bear with us and watch the video!

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