An image of a custom liveried F1 22 car racing at Miami.

How to Get Fast F1 22 Setups from Esports Drivers

F1 22

Are you struggling to get fast setups in F1 22? Well good news, there’s a way to find pro setups that will help you set faster lap times.

Seeing how fast the likes of F1 Esports champions Jarno Opmeer and Brendon Leigh can go may seem demoralising. How is one supposed to match their pace? They’re undoubtedly some of the best in the world, but outright ability isn’t everything.

A good setup can go a long way. Thankfully, there’s a way for regular players to peek over F1 Esports’ driver’s shoulders to copy their setups. When going into time trial and loading up the fastest times, the setups from these times can be applied to your own car

Lap Time Isn’t Everything

With the heavy emphasis on lap time and hot lapping, it can be easy to forget that a time trial setup isn’t always the best one for a race. If you need to quickly get a setup for a race, it’s very tempting to just load up the fastest time trial setup. However, these setups may shred through your tyres very quickly.

Which is why we put together a tyre management guide that will provide you some assistance in fine-tuning the setup to make it better for races.

But for those who don’t care for racing and just want the best setup possible, this is the video for you. Go get some F1 Esports driver’s setups and get to work gaining some extra tenths.

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