How to get faster in F1 2020 with James Baldwin

How to get faster in F1 2020 with James Baldwin

F1 professional esports racer and World’s Fastest Gamer 2019 James Baldwin is back to help you improve your F1 2020 skills.

Photo Credit: Codemasters

James Baldwin competed in the official F1 Esports Pro Series for McLaren Shadow in the 2020 season and is therefore more than suitable to give you advice on how to improve at F1 2020.

Once again, we teamed up with the incredibly fast Briton to bring you some useful sim racing tips and tricks. This time, James not only teaches you how to master a specific track, but also helps you to get much faster by focusing on important general aspects of the game.

Get a better feeling for your car

It is a simple, but also wise thing to say: If you want to improve, you have to master the basics first. This is applicable for F1 2020 as well. Do not just hop into your car and practice the hardest corner at Silverstone. Instead, try to get to know your car well, so you can predict exactly how it is going to behave in specific situations.

Formula 1 cars are all about downforce, which means a special approach is needed when driving into corners. You need to brake hard as late as possible and downshift quickly while doing so. To make this work, you also need to disable the driving assists. Practice racing without them and get a feeling for your car’s behavior in corners and your lap times should already start to improve.

In this video, James shows you how to do it correctly on the Shanghai International Circuit, but the principle applies to all tracks in F1 2020. That being said, you still need to prepare for each circuit you want to race on carefully, which is another important aspect mentioned by James in our tutorial.

It is all about knowledge and practice: As soon as you understand how to take each corner correctly while also being able to anticipate how your car will respond, you build a solid foundation that is almost guaranteed to improve your lap times as well as your racing results. Check out the video with James Baldwin and more F1 tutorials on the OverTake YouTube channel, and maybe you will become the next great racing prospect!

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